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Keep It Natural: 4 Things You Should Know About Naturopathic Medicine

    Naturopathic Medicine is a health care profession that blends modern science with age-old natural remedies. 

    Naturopathic doctors, also known as NDs, focus on finding and treating the cause of your illness, rather than treating the symptoms. This form of medicine can help you heal from a variety of health problems, ranging from headaches to high blood pressure to digestive issues. 

    Today, more and more people are turning to a more natural approach to heal and live healthy lives. While naturopathy is growing in popularity, there are still many myths about the profession. 

    If you are considering naturopathy, here are several things you should know. 

    1. Naturopathic Doctors Receive Education

    While many are skeptical of an NDs education, it is quite extensive

    Just like any other doctor, an ND must complete a Bachelor’s degree and a medical degree to be accepted into a graduate-level naturopathic medicine program. After completing the program, an ND must pass a licensing exam and fulfill the licensing requirements for their state. 

    1. Naturopathic Medicine Compliments Your Primary Care

    While you can designate your ND as your only healthcare provider, naturopathic medicine is usually used to complement your primary care. 

    An ND will work with your primary care doctor to find the solutions for your health problems and ensure you are as healthy as possible. You may find some health systems offer both types of care in the same facility. Depending on your provider, you can even have both types of care administered during the same appointment. 

    1. Naturopathic Medicine Uses More Than Herbs

    When you think of naturopathy, you probably think of supplements and herbs. While using these ancient remedies is a part of naturopathic medicine, it’s just one part. Your ND will offer you a holistic approach to healthcare that includes many types of treatments. 

    Your ND will use different modalities to help you treat medical conditions, reduce your stress, practice mindfulness, and more. For more information on the various services a naturopath typically offers, visit

    1. Naturopathic Care Is Covered by Some Insurance

    As natural living becomes more and more popular, healthcare providers are updating their policies to match this demand. For this reason, your naturopathic care may be covered by your insurance. You may have full coverage, for a range of services or partial coverage for a few services.

    Contact your insurance to find out more about your options. 

    These Are the Things You Should Know About Naturopathic Medicine

    Naturopathic medicine is a fascinating form of medicine that helps people heal from all kinds of conditions. 

    If you are considering naturopathic medicine, you should know that NDs are educated and accredited. You can use this form of medicine alone, or have it complement your primary care. You are treated with a variety of modalities, not just herbs, and some of your care may be covered by insurance.

    Naturopathic medicine is a real form of healthcare that helps many people live happy and healthy lives.

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