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Keeping Elderly Relatives Healthy: A Short Guide

    Elderly relatives can be exposed to issues that put their health and safety at risk. Whether that’s falls in the home, confusion, or simply their declining ability to take care of themselves on their own, it’s important to know how you can intervene to keep them healthy and increase their well-being. This short guide is all about the steps that you can take to make sure your loved ones live the fullest and happiest life possible, while remaining healthy and safe. 


    You may be pressed for time, with only a certain amount of your week or month to devote to your aging relatives, but with that time, you should seek to keep them mobile. Older people tend to spend more time indoors, and less time outside, so using your visit to encourage them on a walk can be brilliant for their health. You might also look into elderly fitness classes in your area, if your loved one is capable of a light session in aqua aerobics, for instance. Being a positive and encouraging person in their lives can keep them fit and outgoing into old age. 


    The other side of your responsibility as your elderly relatives grow older is to ensure that they can perform tasks on their own. Such things as making their own meals, bathing themselves, and keeping their home clean and tidy are all important if your elderly relative is to be safe, secure, and happy in their home. Make sure you’re monitoring these things when you visit and do ask if your elderly relative is coping well on their own. You should feel free to lend a hand when you visit, doing the most arduous tasks yourself, but do bear in mind that elderly relatives might be struggling on their own, which can lead to health risks down the line. 


    Elderly relatives will have seen their lives shrink as they approach their silver years. They will spend less time with friends, and more time indoors. This can mean that, despite being physically healthy, your elderly relatives may miss social contact, communication, and emotional satisfaction. One way to ensure you’re helping in this regard is to encourage their relatives to visit. That might be grandchildren, or it could be your siblings. What’s important is that you’re supporting their mental as well as their physical health. 


    There are instances when elderly relatives can no longer be safe on their own in their own homes. In these scenarios, you’ll need to speak with them to make difficult decisions about their future, such as whether they should move to a care home, receive care in their home, or move into your home. Whichever option you decide upon, do consider local care options, such as Skilled Nursing Care in Wichita, which might be able to strike a balance between maintaining your relative’s sense of autonomy and happiness, but also keeping them safe.

    These tips are written for those who are concerned about keeping their elderly relatives as healthy as possible, whether they live alone or in a home with care facilities.