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Keeping Lower Back Pain at Bay

    Lower back pain can be unbearable. Think of the inability to do your normal activities, not to forget, the discomfort that accompanies the pain. If you are suffering from lower back pain in Northern Virginia, receiving treatment from a qualified lower back pain specialist is the real deal.

    Specialist Treatment

    The lower back pain specialist can integrate different treatment methods to alleviate the pain and promote faster recovery. The treatment may include heat and ice application on your lower back to numb the pain. Additionally, your specialist can also prescribe pain relief medicine.

    You can also undergo steroid injections and intrathecal drug delivery to your system. More often than not, physical and massage therapy is a standard option for managing your lower back pain. Your specialist can ask you also to take analgesics, non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication, and even muscle relaxants.

    If you have a chronic lower back pain that is unresponsive to other treatment methods, your specialist can opt to treat you with spinal cord stimulation. Your doctor can also advise you on incorporating better strategies to manage your pain. 

    Strengthening and Lifting Your Core

    If you are experiencing lower back pain, it is crucial to maintain an active lifestyle to promote your recovery. You can also engage in low impact exercises such as swimming and even walking to support your lower back.

    Maintain a Healthy Posture

    If you continuously sit using lousy posture, you exert unnecessary pressure to the lower back. As a result, you tend to suffer from thinning discs which are excruciatingly painful, and are already degenerating. Therefore, avoid slouching on your seat. Even when standing or walking, always ensure you maintain a correct posture. You can also stretch your muscles to alleviate the lower back pain. Stretching is crucial, especially if you are sitting or standing for very long periods.

    Lifestyle Adaptation

    Smoking when you have lower back pain will only make it worse for you. Additionally, also stop lifting heavy equipment that will only make your lower back pain worse. If necessary, you may also change your job or ask for help. Frequent bending tends to jerk your muscles forward, thus worsening your lower back pain. Therefore, avoid bending too much.

    Moreover, it is also crucial to lose excess weight that can trigger your lower back pain. Being obese also increases strain to your lower back. As a result, it triggers the lower back pain. 

    Implement proper strategies to help you get adequate sleep. These may include ensuring enough sleeping hours for sufficient resting time.You can purchase a higher quality mattress that is not too hard on your back. It is also essential to wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes that will offer more support, therefore, increasing your stability. As a result, it becomes easier to avoid worsening your lower back pain.

    It is advisable to consult your doctor’s opinion anytime you have lower back pain that won’t go away. Lower back pain can significantly inhibit your ability to go about your day-to-day life. Why not take charge and boost your recovery?