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Ketosis Strips Review

    Most people that want to be in a ketosis state would follow keto diet which is a natural state where the body burns fat for body metabolism. Because of this, several people are curious whether enough is done so as to achieve this state.

    As a result, ketosis testing strips is a popular tool which is used by several people for measuring ketosis. However, most people do not know their accuracy as well as how effective they are when compared with other methods of measuring ketones.

    What is Ketosis?

    Anyone that is consuming food rich in carbohydrate would be burning glucose for energy. However, both fat and glucose can be used by the body for fuel. Whenever there is low consumption of carbohydrate within the body, the body would start using fat for body metabolism. This would lead our body to a state of ketosis.

    Ketosis is a natural state whereby our body burns fat for fuel. During the ketosis stage, the level of ketone which is a waste product of fats breakdown within our body system would rise. Thus, the measure of these ketones would provide a clue to the level of ketosis within our body system. Because of this, ketone strips which measure the level of ketones have become very popular recently.

    What are Ketone Test Strips?

    For individuals that don’t know if their body system is in ketosis, ketone test strips are cheap and simple method of detecting ketone level within the body system. They can also be regarded as ketone sticks and work by urinalysis so that the volume of acetoacetate in our urine can be detected.

    How Ketosis strips work

    Although the final details can be guessed but if you desire to know the final details of how ketone strips can be used, the step is like this:

    • Collect a urine sample in a container
    • Hold the end of the strip in the urine for few seconds
    • Shake the strip so that excess liquids can be removed from the container
    • Wait for 15 seconds so that ketone strip can change color
    • You would be able to know if you are in ketosis by comparing your ketone strip to the color chart.

    The colors which are on the extreme left means that there is no ketone present and the pink colors signify that there is a minimal quantity of nutritional ketosis. When moving further towards the right, the darker purple shades show that there is a strong level of ketosis.

    What Level of Ketone Bodies is Best For Health?

    For people that are aiming to be in ketosis, what kind of reading should they strive for? There is high tendency that several people would look at the table and assume that strong is the best. However, higher levels are not necessary for average individuals that are looking for how they can take proper care of their health. If an individual is in the light range, such person would be burning fat for fuel and such person would have a very high ketosis level. Therefore, the best approach is not to seek for the optimal ketone number rather you should listen to your body system so as to know how you feel. You can then use ketosis strips to measure the level of ketone within your body system.

    There are several benefits of ketosis strips but it is left to you as an individual to determine the type which is best for you.