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Know the Symptoms and Treatment of Candida Overgrowth

    Many microorganisms thrive in the human body, including a genus of yeast known as Candida, naturally found in the epidermis, intestine and mouth. When the fungi are under the normal threshold, it does not cause health issues, but candidiasis occurs when they grow irrepressible and have an episode of infection. Several parameters can trigger candidiasis, including an imbalance in the microbiome, prolonged use of antibiotics, diabetes, high sugar and alcohol intake, high stress and use of oral contraceptives. Candida overgrowth symptoms that occur in the throat are called thrush. The severity differs from person to person.

    Symptoms of candidiasis

    The treatment of candidiasis includes both administration of drugs and natural options. Antifungal medications can trigger several side effects, such as liver damage. The best Candida treatment is to deal with the underlying issues and prevent frequent infection. To cure Candida naturally, you must make lifestyle changes, take supplements, and include foods with antifungal properties and essential oils. The consumed food plays a significant role in maintaining a balanced microbiome; foods with high sugar content, refined grains, processed meat and alcohol may stimulate Candida overgrowth. Symptoms of candidiasis include exhaustion, fatigue, eczema, brain fog, digestive problems like swelling, constipation, joint pain and genital and urinary tract infections. 

    How to cure Candida 

    The strongest Candida killer is caprylic acid, a saturated fatty acid with antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. When consumed as part of the cuisine, in capsule form, the fatty acid destroys the cell membrane of Candida. It inhibits urinary and bladder infections, oral infections and sexually transmitted diseasesTo cure Candida naturally is to consume garlic-containing antifungal molecules like allicin, which proved effective in treating candidiasis in clinical studies. The antifungal property of allicin is highly effective against pathogenic fungi. To activate maximum allicin in garlic, crush, cut or grind garlic and keep it away from heat for ten minutes. 

    Candida glabrata

    Candida glabrata is an integral part of the natural flora of the human body present in the genital area, intestine tract, and oral part. It is harmless under a safe limit but tends to overgrow in people with weak immune systems suffering from HIV or cancer, or who have undergone major surgery. Candida glabrata is the second or third most common Candida strain and is extremely resistant to antifungal medication. When Candida yeast enters the bloodstream, a blood infection known as candidemia occurs. Invasive candidiasis affects internal organs and infects them. Many available supplements prevent candidemia and candidiasis, but apple cider vinegar is effective against Candida growth as the acetic acid in it destroys the cell membrane of the yeast.

    Tea tree oil

    Aloe Vera gel inhibits the growth of Candida; coconut oil is also effective as it contains Lauric acid, a potent antifungal and antimicrobial agent. Tea tree oil is also effective against Candida infection as inherent compounds like terpenes-4 have antifungal and antimicrobial properties. That is a way if you ask how to cure candida. As you start Candida infection treatment, the symptoms slowly subside as digestion improves, the sugar craving lessens, and you have healthier skin and enhanced energy levels and mood. Candida infection can be severe if not treated properly and can cause acute hematogenous candidiasis, where internal organs are infected as the yeast get to organs through the bloodstream.