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Knowing When to Seek a Thyroid Disease Specialist’s Intervention for Your Child

    Your thyroid is a powerhouse to many hormones that control different systems in your body. Without it, your body will experience a deficit of hormones, leading to thyroid disease. If your doctor refers you to a Humble thyroid disorder specialist at North Houston Diabetes Institute, it is likely your thyroid needs urgent treatment. Continue reading to get further insight into thyroid disease, including causes and treatment options.

    What having thyroid disease feels like

    Thyroid disease varies in terms of the severity of your hormone deficiency, and may take months or even years to realize you have developed it. At first, you may notice you are getting fatigued or gaining weight at an alarming rate. You may also experience scaly skin, hoarse voice, or even pain and stiffness in your joints. In extreme cases, your physical symptoms may cause mental illnesses such as memory loss and depression.

    When to seek a thyroid specialist for your child

    With thyroid disease, children experience the same symptoms an adult would. Therefore, it is important to seek assistance on behalf of your child if they develop the following symptoms:

    1.  Stunted growth

    While a child’s growth may be attributed to genetic factors, thyroid disease may also be responsible for slowing their growth. If you notice that your teenage child has stunted growth, be sure to have them see a thyroid specialist.

    2.  Slowed growth of permanent teeth

    Your child’s milk teeth are supposed to fall out to pave the way for permanent teeth around the age of six. If your child does not develop adult teeth by the time they hit puberty, they could be battling thyroid disease.

    3.  Abnormal mental development

    Each time your child progresses in age, they are supposed to embrace steady mental growth. For example, your teenage child should know how to interact with other people without feeling overwhelmed emotionally. Considering thyroid disease can affect cognitive development to the extent a teenager may be unable to make sound decisions, please do not wait until they develop a mental illness to find help.

    4.  Delayed puberty

    Puberty is a stage that marks the beginning of early adulthood and the end of childhood development. For girls, breasts enlarge, hips widen, and they may also begin their monthly periods. On the other hand, a male child’s physical development is characterized by broken voices, broader chests, shoulders, and pubic hair. If your child experiences delayed puberty, chances are they could be having thyroid problems.

    Seek a thyroid specialist for your child

    Thyroid disease is challenging to detect in the early stages, which explains why most people are hesitant to seek help. If it gets to a point where your child’s physical and mental development is not in order, the best thing to do is to see a thyroid specialist for proper diagnosing. The benefit of early diagnosis is that it provides you with a wide range of treatment options to secure your future. To learn more about causes and risk factors of thyroid disease, schedule an online appointment with your doctor today.