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Learn What Rotten Teeth Effects on the Body Are

    Close-up Of A Woman Having Tooth Problem

    Can bad teeth make you sick?

    We all know that tooth decay and gum disease can take a toll on a person’s confidence when they smile. As it turns out, the rotten teeth effects on the body run a lot deeper than you might imagine.

    Do you want to know why maintaining your oral health is important? Keep reading to learn about five rotten teeth side effects that can affect your entire body.

    Gum Disease Increases Your Risk of Heart Disease

    One startling fact that researchers have discovered about the human body is that oral health and heart health share a strong connection.

    Our gums are full of blood vessels, which means plaque and bacteria have an easy entryway to our entire body. If too much plaque makes its way into your blood vessels, you could clog your arteries and increase your risk of developing life-threatening heart disease.

    Untreated Oral Health Issues Can Weaken Your Immune System

    If your body is trying to fight an infection in your mouth for a long time, your immune system is going to get weaker over time.

    Since many oral health issues can’t be cured without the help of a dentist, you could experience chronic pain and get sick more often if you don’t get professional care.

    Oral Bacteria Can Make Diabetes Harder to Treat

    Our oral health is also connected to our body’s ability to regulate our blood sugar levels.

    If you have diabetes or you’re at risk of developing this disease, not paying attention to your oral health can make your condition much worse. Getting regular teeth cleanings is one of the best ways to keep your total-body health in check.

    Meningitis and Sepsis

    Aside from attacking your heart, bacteria, viruses, and any other harmful microorganisms that enter your bloodstream through your gums can also attack the rest of your body. Two of the most dangerous conditions that can occur when you don’t treat an abscess from a toothache are meningitis and sepsis. These conditions affect your spinal cord, your brain, and your vital organs.

    Paying for even one dentist visit per year can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Regular cleanings can do more than just help prevent cavities—they can prevent dangerous infections. 

    Poor Oral Health Can Put Pregnant Women’s Babies in Danger

    Will bad teeth make you sick? When you’re an expecting mother, you also have to worry about the dangers your baby will face if you don’t make your health a priority. As it turns out, gum disease and other oral health issues can increase your risk of delivering a premature baby.

    There Are Lots of Rotten Teeth Effects on the Body

    If you’re someone who hates brushing your teeth, learning about the rotten teeth effects on the body can give you the motivation you need to maintain a healthy smile.

    Do you want to know other ways you can thrive? Explore our site to find more helpful health tips and guides.