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Lesser-Known Signs and Factors of Infertility

    Have you ever tried to conceive yet find your efforts in vain? You might have been diagnosed with infertility. This condition occurs to both genders and may result from a combination of factors that prevent pregnancy, like diseases and your way of living. Moreover, suppose you cannot carry a viable pregnancy to term or become pregnant. In that case, you can find Newport Beach infertility specialist Fangyin Meng, MD, who offers comprehensive testing to determine the root cause of your infertility. However, be aware of early warning symptoms and lifestyle factors that show you are likely to have difficulties getting pregnant.

    Chronic Illness

    Chronic diseases such as diabetes, periodontal diseases, hypothyroidism, and untreated celiac diseases and their treatments can increase your risk for fertility problems. For example, Tagamet medicine used to treat peptic ulcers and hypertension medication can result in infertility in males, as they cause sperm’s inability to fertilize an egg. On the other hand, insulin, thyroid hormones, and antidepressants lead to irregular menstrual cycles, one of the signs of the inability of women to get pregnant.

    Alcohol Use and Smoking

    If you are a smoker and alcoholic, you are increasing your chances of being infertile. If you are a male, did you know smoking and excess drinking of alcohol contribute to irregular sperm shape, poor sperm movements, and lower sperm count? Fertility problems are also connected to erectile dysfunction. For women, smoking and drinking speed up your process of ovarian aging, resulting in earlier menopause. When you choose to reduce your alcohol consumption and quit smoking, you will heal from damages and positively impact your health and fertility.

    High Temperatures

    As a man, you are more prone to the effects of high temperatures. Wearing extremely tight underwear or shorts might trouble your sperm health. Other factors may include hot tubs, using laptops while placing them on your laps, heated car seats, and sitting for long periods of time with your legs together. Heat alters your sperm mobility leading to the inability of sperm to fertilize an egg. Therefore, you must wear boxers that allow airflow and avoid heat for healthier sperms.


    Fertility declines with age. For women, the risk of infertility rises at the age of 35 and continues to increase with time. There is a higher possibility of conceiving at the age of 30 than at 40 years since at 35, you are more likely to miscarry or have a child with congenital disease. Although male fertility is affected by age, its impact does not increase drastically, as it does women. What happens is the increase in their age leads to a decrease in sperm health. Other factors that are linked to male age may include passing on genetic problems. If you are a young couple, you have a greater chance of getting pregnant, but you need to consider the number of children you want to have if you want to start early to avoid complications as you get older.

    If you can not conceive successfully due to several conditions like those mentioned previously, book your appointment with Fangyin Meng, in Newport Beach, where you will find the help you need to conceive a child in the future.