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Liabilities of an Employer towards His Worker Injured in a Road Accident

    Your well being is hidden under your worker’s well being.

    Due to increase in traffic density, the incidents of road accidents are increasing day by day. Once a person is injured in an accident, his employer’s responsibilities see a boost. The employer has to take care of all the concerned matters. It involves taking care of workers’ medical, social and financial well being. Here we will discuss them step by step.


    • Medical care


    This is far more than just providing with worker’s comp doctor. It includes:-

    • Managing the physical trauma
    • Treating the psychological effects


    • Managing the physical trauma


    It can be done via 3 different approaches and it is also possible to apply them simultaneously. This varies with the nature of injury. For example, if someone’s limb gets fractured, it will involve the surgical fixation, medication and physical therapy.


    • Medical management:-


    Workers must be provided with all the medication needed to cure the injury. This must include the medicine used in the operations and also the in-patient as well as out-patient medicine.


    • Surgical management


    All the operations needed should be funded by the owner. This must include surgeon’s fee and theatre charges as well.


    • Physiotherapy and rehab


    Injuries involving limbs, bones and muscles etc, need physiotherapy as well. This is done in order to restore the normal functions of the injured site. It also includes provision of prosthetic limbs or joints in case one loses them as a result of accident.


    • Managing the psychological effects


    It is obvious to feel depressed and anxious after an accident. So, mental stability should also be the mainstay of treatment. This could include:-


    • Psychotherapy



    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur in those who encounter road accident. This involves having nightmares about the incidence leading to depression and anxiety.  Psychotherapy helps by modifying the thoughts of the patient. This in turn modifies the behavior and lessens the fear.
    • Phobias, it is not uncommon to develop fear of driving or travelling after an accident. The person can start having panic attack merely by thinking about driving or travel. This fear can easily be dissolved by Cognitive Behavioral therapy.


    • Social wellbeing of the employee


    Illness often isolates the victim. He starts feeling alone and caged especially, if there is a long term injury. The best way to avoid this is to manage a healthy social relationship with the worker. This should involve his employer, colleagues, subordinates as well as healthcare provider. In this way, he would not feel, that he has long been absent from work. Moreover, he will also not suffer any psychological stress after rejoining.


    • Financial wellbeing


    Staying out of business for a long time puts a lot of stress on worker’s financial state. So, instead of focusing on getting healed, he starts worrying about the finances. This should be taken care of by the employer.

    • The worker should be given his salary and other allowances as per routine. This will lessen the financial burden.
    • He or she could be provided by some online task that he could simply do at hospital or home. This will make them feel worthy and will also provide an extra source of income.

    So, these are the prime responsibilities of an employer if any of his workers gets injured in a road accident.