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Little Known Teeth Whitening Tips

    It’s no secret: Having white teeth is a treasure. With white teeth, you have that perfect smile back. White teeth boost confidence. So, why are you leaving those yellow as teeth embarrass you in public when you can restore their whiteness? No need. You can do teeth whitening and have your smile back. But wait, how does teeth whitening happen? How can you whiten your teeth? Here is all you should know regarding teeth whitening.

    Regular Appointments with Your Dentist

    Don’t just buy teeth whitening products before consulting with your dentist. Don’t fall prey into those overhyped whitening products sold over the counter. Before using any products, it’s better to ensure that you don’t have any underlying oral disease or condition. Plus, it’s best to thoroughly clean the teeth before applying any solution, it will amplify the results. For instance, if you are planning to purchase a teeth whitening kit, a dentist will recommend the best option. That’s why it’s important to visit your dentist twice per year.

    Stay Away From Stain Causers

    Stay away from products that can make your teeth stained. Things like red wine, coffee, etc. can stain your teeth. Also, avoid foods that can stain your teeth. Say no to foods like white wine, blueberries, and blackberries. Put pomegranates, soda, and soda barbecue sauce on the blacklist. Also, don’t take green tea, sugary foods, and curry. Other foods you should avoid:

    • Balsamic vinegar
    • Marinara
    • Turmeric and Paprika

    These foods can cause extrinsic stains. But if you have been taking these foods and you are worried about your teeth, you have an option. You can get the teeth removed or improved. Even more, if you do away with these foods and drunks after a teeth whitening procedure, you will have brighter smiles.


    Certain foods are effective in brightening your teeth. They are good at fighting stains and improving overall oral health. Here are some foods you should consider munching:

    ApplesEating apples improve your overall oral health, including the gums. Even more, they stimulate the mount’s saliva production, which plays a key role in washing stains.

    Cheese, milk, yogurt—these products are rich in calcium. According to experts, calcium strengthens the teeth enamel and improves its appearance.


    Nuts—take a lot of nuts. Also, consider eating celery, broccoli, as well as carrots. They are abrasive and comes in coarse texture that can effectively scrub the stains.

    Raw onions—Raw onions contain sulfur that prevents plaque.

    Strawberries—Strawberries contain malic acid that can naturally remove stains that lurks on the teeth.

    Other Tips

    Also, consider using the following additional tips top whiten your teeth:

    • Brush your teeth on a regular basis
    • Purchase an electric-based toothbrush
    • Care for your gums

    The Bottom-Line

    Were you born with yellow teeth? No. Ware your teeth brown during your teenage age? Definitely, no. Of course, there are different factors that contribute to the yellowing of the teeth. From salty water to poor oral hygiene, teeth yellowing can be caused by a number of factors. Luckily, you can do teeth whitening for a brighter smile. The above guide explains how to whiten your teeth and reclaim back your smile.