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Living a Healthy Life: 10 Reasons Why

    Living a healthy lifestyle is something that confuses many people. Of course, it’s what you’re always told is necessary for happiness, but people don’t often explain other benefits. Growing up, I had thought that it was just “the right thing to do”, but had trouble understanding why. Besides, many of the things I enjoyed early on in life (such as food, watching TV, not exercising) were also unhealthy things, so why would I deprive myself of that satisfaction?


    Because there are so many pleasurable things that offer great distractions for living a healthy life, it can be easy to forget why one is trying to be healthy in the first place. At least, this is exactly how I was a few years ago. I felt like I was going through all of the motions, trying to be healthy, but was so tired by the prospect of improving my lifestyle that I lost motivation. After all, how can you stay motivated when it quickly becomes so tiring to keep up with a lifestyle you yourself don’t even understand?


    This is why leading a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. In fact, there are many benefits to leading a healthy life that you should definitely know about. Even if you already know some of the key points, finding reasons to remind yourself why a healthy life is worth living is a good exercise to practice in general.


    In this article, I’ll be showing you 10 Reasons Why you should live a healthy life to remind you that staying healthy has some really wonderful benefits.


    So, let’s get right into it!


    1. You Can Lose Weight

    It’s no secret that exercising frequently and eating healthier will help you lose weight if a routine is maintained. This is a great reason to begin motivating yourself!


    1. You Will Maintain A Healthier Form

    Many people lose weight only to gain it back shortly thereafter. However, keeping up a healthy routine is a great way to keep off the weight you’ve already lost and maintain a healthier form!


    1. Your Brain Will Be Stronger

    Being able to maintain a routine of brain exercises is a great way to make sure that your mind is running at top capacity. Try taking a look at a list of exercises you can easily do, such as this one from Very Well Mind!


    1. Prevent Diseases Later On

    It’s been proven that exercising regularly can help you prevent diseases later on in your life. This is why putting in the effort now can help you in the long run!


    1. You Will Understand Your Body Better

    Those who lead healthy lifestyles will be able to understand their bodies better. This is because those who have unhealthy diets or don’t exercise regularly might not understand why they might feel a certain way, as there are usually a few different reasons as to why. By staying on top of your health, you can understand which things affect your body.


    1. You’ll Feel Less Tired

    One of the reasons as to why people have vices is because they are only thinking of themselves in the present, not the future. For example, someone who drinks a couple of beers every night is thinking about calming themselves down after a long day, not necessarily the potential hangover that will delay their activities the following day. Drinking alcohol can also mess with your sleep cycle, leaving you vulnerable to feeling more tired the following day. If you cut alcohol out of your life and eat healthier, not only will you not have to worry about hangovers, but you’ll get better sleep!


    1. A Healthy Diet Gives You More Energy

    Those who eat a healthier diet often feel more energetic and active, something that allows them not to rely on coffee and other energy drinks to help them feel active.


    1. Your Doctors Appointments Will Be Easier

    Whether you have a general practitioner you go to or a doctor that comes to your home, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will make your appointments easier to manage. This is because your overall healthier lifestyle will in turn make your body healthier overall, allowing you to have quicker appointments. Because you won’t have as many problems with your body at any given time, you’ll also be able to have less appointments and likely not have to come in as much for things such as antibiotics and tests.


    1. Your Immune System Will Be More Effective

    Something that many people take for granted is the power of their immune system. Many people who spend their days resting inside as opposed to going outside and exercising think that they are safer indoors. While this is true in many ways, it isn’t all the time. In fact, not getting enough exercise and having an unhealthy diet can increase your chances of getting sick. Think of it like this—if your body is a car, you want to fill it with fuel that makes it run effectively and give it maintenance every once in a while. In this scenario, the food you eat is the fuel you put in your car and exercise is the regular maintenance. Without both of these concepts working together, your immune system will be weaker, leaving you open to getting sick more often.


    1. You Will Feel Better

    By far the most convincing reason as to why you should start maintaining a healthy lifestyle is you will simply feel better. This might seem like a difficult motivation when you’re not feeling well at the moment, but it definitely becomes worth it as you maintain your lifestyle. One of the most important things about exercise, eating healthy, and other health benefits is that we don’t realize how much they help us until we give them a chance. This is why consistent fitness is so difficult for many people to comprehend—not only is it difficult to maintain a habit, but it takes at least a week or two until you begin seeing results. However, this doesn’t mean you should ever stop going to the gym or stop your motivation—you will feel better soon and will become healthier over time.