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Looking for Breast Reduction in The Woodlands? Check This Overview

    As the name indicates, breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery to remove extra fat, skin, and tissues from the breasts. If you usually have large breasts, this could be an option to consider. Numerous clinics offer cosmetic surgery for breast reduction in The Woodlands. Before you go ahead with your consultation session, here are some things worth knowing. 

    Meet a cosmetic surgeon.

    Your first meeting with a cosmetic surgeon will be more about discussing the procedure and your medical history. If you are taking prescription drugs or have certain medical conditions, let your surgeon know. If the doctor finds it necessary, they may order a mammogram. They will also take pictures of your breasts and discuss the possible scope of the procedure. No matter the cosmetic procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations from day one. 

    What to expect from the procedure?

    Cosmetic surgeons use general anesthesia for breast reduction surgeries. This means you will be completely asleep during the procedure. Depending on the size of breasts and the goals of the surgery, the whole procedure can take about two hours or more. The approach to the surgery may be different. A standard option is liposuction, where a tube is inserted through the skin to suction fluids and fat from the breasts. When moderate breast reduction is desirable, your surgeon may rely on a vertical procedure that cuts around the areola. Inverted-T is typically used for more significant reductions, for which bigger cuts are made. 

    Are there any risks of the procedure?

    With any cosmetic surgery, there are usually a few risks, and reducing mammaplasty is not different. Common risks include bruising and scarring, which are typically not huge concerns. Some patients may lose sensation around their nipples. If you intend to get pregnant soon, let your doctor know because reducing mammaplasty can affect your ability to breastfeed the baby. 

    Recovering after breast reduction surgery

    In most cases, patients are asked to rest for at least a week. Depending on the facts of your case, your doctor may recommend avoiding extreme exercise for a month. You may have to come back to the clinic for additional appointments. If you get many stitches, your recovery time can be considerably longer. You may need to wear an elastic compression bra for a few days. 

    As you may have guessed, breast reduction surgery or reduction of mammoplasty is an advanced surgery. Select a clinic in the Woodlands for their experts and good reviews.