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Looking For Same-Day Weed Delivery? Your Search Ends Here

    Weed delivery is great news for users who have no time to go out and get their weed products from stores. There are many online services offering weed delivery in Canada making it convenient for people who are stuck indoors. But even better is that you can now buy weed and have it delivered on the same day, thanks to same-day delivery services. 

    However, the many options make it challenging to identify the real deal from posers without experiencing a few weed delivery mishaps. Additionally, finding the best weed delivery Vancouver has to offer takes lots of time. If you don’t have much time on your hands, don’t worry because this guide has you covered. Here’s a roundup of the top places you can get same-day weed delivery. 

    1. Black Rabbit Weed Delivery Service

    Black Rabbit is arguably the top dog among Canada’s same-day weed delivery agents, offering same-day delivery in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario. Despite its massive operation scale, the delivery service offers its customers end-to-end convenience. The brand builds on its passion for cannabis and appreciation for cannabis curiosity to create a relaxing and memorable online cannabis shopping experience.

    It stocks a massive selection of expertly curated craft, premium, and select cannabis flowers from various Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. They also stock top-grade edibles, vapes, shrooms, pre-rolls, and cannabis accessories. All the products uploaded on the e-commerce platforms have undergone third-party lab testing, as directed by Health Canada, and include an analysis certificate.

    Regardless, sifting through the extensive product selection to get to the product you desire is pretty easy thanks to Black Rabbit’s well-optimized e-commerce platform. The intuitive platform features a fully optimized search function and a comprehensive category section, which you can use while shopping.

    For same-day weed deliveries, proceed to a drop-down menu and select your city before moving to shop. All product SKUs include product descriptions highlighting the weed strain or product’s properties, expected effects, and flavor profile. The cannabis flowers are available in various weight measurements from 3.5grams to 28grams, so you simply select the weight and quantity you need.

    If you are new to Black Rabbit’s platform, you should create an account to facilitate order tracking. Black Rabbit Weed Delivery fulfills same-day delivery within 90minutes or 120 minutes after confirming your order, and they confirm orders fast. However, they will text you an update in the unlikely event that they experience delays. 

    Other perks to using Black rabbit same-day weed delivery services include complimentary joints or buds, free delivery for orders above $120, and a pleasant customer support experience. The brand follows in-house COVD-19 protection guidelines to protect its staff and customers from contracting the deadly virus.

    1. Budhub

    Budhub is Canada’s most comprehensive online cannabis directory featuring hundreds of cannabis establishments, including 269 same-day weed delivery services located all over Canada. The platform only features cannabis businesses after verifying their licenses to ensure they comply with federal and local cannabis regulatory laws. 

    Its same-day weed delivery listing is pretty easy to navigate and supports various features to enhance your experience.  For starters, the online directory features a localized directory function allowing you to zero in on weed delivery services within your locality. Using local same-day weed delivery services lowers your delivery fees significantly.

    Each same-day weed delivery listing features a listed address, a ping, a call button, working hours, and user reviews.  You can also modify your search using filters like price, dispensaries operating late, and those offering deals and coupons.

    Moreover, the platform controls posted reviews, preventing business owners from skewing reviews to push their agendas. However, platform moderators may only delete reviews under particular circumstances, like if the review attacks other reviewers or contains profanities aimed at other reviewers. Therefore, you can sift through available reviews and select the same-day weed delivery service that meets your needs.

    1. Weedmaps

    Weedmaps is also an online cannabis directory featuring cannabis businesses that offer delivery and pickup services in various locations across Canada. The online directory features a frill-free website that is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. Visitors to the site generally follow a series of prompts to arrive at the ideal weed delivery service for their location. 

    Once you visit Weedmaps’ homepage, select the delivery option “rather” than the “pick up order” option. The action will redirect you to a query box where you will enter your address. Afterward, you will see the website’s listings for dispensaries offering same-day delivery within your locality.

    All the listed business establishments on the directory site have valid licenses, so you can rest assured you are buying safe products. Once you identify local businesses offering same-day delivery, you can shop for your desired cannabis goodies and proceed to checkout to complete your order.

    After submitting your order, you will receive an order-tracking notification alerting you of your order’s processing status and when you can expect it. While Weedmaps receives your order, it sends order notifications to the local dispensary you used to fulfill your order. You only make payments after you have received your order.


    Legal same-day weed delivery services are pretty new in Canada, making them somewhat difficult to identify. However, you can rely on the platforms above for timely weed delivery services requiring minimal effort.