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Makeup and Acne: The Toxic Relationship That Needs to Break Up

    Do you buy good quality makeup sets only to toss them away after some time? 


    Are you heartbroken that you cannot use cosmetic products due to acne breakouts! There is nothing wrong in wearing makeup, but it is advisable to choose beauty and makeup items carefully. 


    Even women who do not suffer from acne may develop a condition known as acne cosmetic because of wearing makeup. 


    It is a fact that makeup and acne share a toxic relationship, but it can be defeated with some smart tips. Let us explore some time-tested pathways to an acne-free face with makeup:


    • Remove Makeup Traces at Night 


    Remember, a makeup kit contains products that can enhance your appearance. However, it cannot take the place of a beauty mask. 


    So, you need to wash your face every day before going to bed. Leaving the makeup on at night can block your pores. 


    Therefore, even if you are very tired, you still need to wash off the layers of cosmetic cover from your face. 


    • Say NO to Sharing your Makeup Kit 


    Share your fun moments with friends but keep them away from your cosmetics. Sharing makeup brushes, foundations, and creams may also lead to mutual sharing of germs and bacteria. 


    So, if your friend is dealing with acne problems, you may be traveling the same road! So even if you are BFFs, let them know your makeup is exclusively for your use. 


    • Avoid Using Comedogenic Cosmetics 


    If you have acne-prone skin, it is advisable to use only non-comedogenic beauty products. It refers to materials inside the makeup containing safe ingredients that do not clog pores or lead to pimples or acne. 


    When you buy comedogenic included beauty products, they may not suit everyone’s skin type and texture. So, to be on the safer side, you can rely on non-comedogenic cosmetic items. 


    You should also realize that you do not have to copy and buy all the cosmetic beauty products that your friends purchase or recommend. 


    You can consult a professional dermatologists in Dubai and know your skin type and then shop for a high-quality cosmetic range of products, preferably from a popular brand. 


    And it is best to avoid wearing heavy makeup like foundation or blush when you are suffering from a breakout. 


    You can also search for organic and oil-free cosmetics that do not cause irritations or breakouts. Your dermatologist may advise you to use certain cosmetic products according to your skin type after testing your skin and facial epidermis. 


    If you want to break the love affair between makeup and acne, then you need to make smart choices and know your skin really well. Some of the most reputed skin specialists in Dubai are just a click away from you! 


    So, take advantage of the online platform to get an appointment with a skin specialist near you. This way you can put an end to the toxic relationship between acne and makeup. 


    Small changes in your diet and daily routine can also give you permanent relief from skin problems and acne. 


    You can remain physically active and stay away from oily foodstuff. A little effort from your side can help you gain flawless and glowing skin.