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Managing and Controlling Destructive Feelings

    Destructive feelings are usually caused by emotions and emotions are very crucial in our everyday lives. Regardless of whether you are having a good laugh over a text message or being frustrated one event or the other, the positive and negative experience can have a huge effect on your well-being. This is why it is crucial to handle destructive feelings appropriately so that it won’t affect your entire day or event. Handling destructive feelings isn’t easy, seek help if you need it.

    Your ability to regulate those emotions would affect how you are perceived by people around you. For instance, if you are laughing at a funny test during a serious meeting, you’re likely to get resentful looks from other people in the room. On the other hand, if you react with rage at a driver that cuts you off in a traffic, you can engender an unwanted attention and perhaps risk your life.

    Fortunately, you can easily handle most of these scenarios by regulating your emotions well before the provoking situation occur. By preparing yourself appropriately ahead of time, you’ll find that the problematic emotions go away before having a negative effect on your life as well as actions:

    Select the situation: Ensure you avoid circumstances which can trigger an unwanted emotion. If you observe that you’re the kind that get angry whenever you are in a hurry, then don’t leave things for the last minute. Ensure you get out of the house or office 10 minutes before you need to and you won’t be bothered by most of the pedestrians, cars or slow elevators. Additionally, if there is an acquaintance you find annoying, then figure out a way to prevent any form of conflict.

    Modify the situation: Perhaps the emotion you are trying to reduce is disappointment. You are always aiming to serve the best meal for your family as well as friends but something went wrong as a result of your excessive expectation. You should modify the situation by finding recipes which are within your range of ability so as to pull off the meal. You may not be able to construct a perfect situation but should be able to handle destructive feeling and managing the situation appropriately.

    Shift your attention focus: It is crucial to shift your attention so as to manage destructive feeling. For instance, if you usually feel inferior to other people that are around you or because people around you always look great. For instance, if you are at the gym and observe a regular on the weight machines that manage to lift three times as much as you can. You’ll be drawn to them like a magnet, you can’t help but watch with wonder and envy their accomplishment. In such scenario, you need to shift your attention away from them and onto your fellow gym rats who pack less so that you’ll feel more confident in your ability and also control the destructive feeling. Additionally, you can also focus on what you are doing so as to improve on your ability.

    Change your thoughts: Our emotions are being driven by beliefs. You’ll feel sad whenever you believe to have lost something, anger whenever you decide that an essential goal is thwarted, and happy anticipation whenever you believe something good is coming your way. By changing your thoughts, you may be able to change the situation but you can change the way you believe the situation is affecting you so as to combat destructive feeling.

    Change your response: If all the entire methods fail, then you can modify, shift your focus or change your entire thought as well as the emotion that comes pouring out, the final step of handling destructive feeling is to get control of your response. Your heart may be beating out a steady drumroll of unpleasant sensations whenever you are made to be anxious or angry.

    With the above steps, you’ll be able to handle destructive feeling thereby preventing any form of negative incidence. You can learn more on Salty Truth.