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Mantra For Spouses to Stop Drinking

    As someone who goes to support groups, I can honestly say that spiritual remedies can help your spouse stop drinking. I am not a believer myself, but I have seen how powerful spirituality can be for some people. In this article, I’m going to explain how spirituality can help your spouse overcome alcohol addiction.

    Praying For A Spouse Who Drinks

    As I said, I am not a believer but I have seen how effective prayer can be when it comes to alcoholism. Faith can bring out powerful emotions, and these emotions can help your loved one overcome his or her drinking problem.

    Now, prayer might work for some and not for others, but if you want to increase your spouse’s chances of quitting booze, I suggest using prayer as an alternative method of treatment. First of all, I recommend talking to your spouse and telling him or her you’re praying for recovery. Be honest with your spouse and let him or her know what’s bothering you. Last, but not least, tell him or her to work on their own recovery, either by praying or joining a support group.

    Mantra For A Spouse Who Drinks

    Mantras can be just as effective as prayers, especially for those who are not religious. The advantages of mantras are that they’re usually easy to remember and can be repeated over and over until they become a habit. If you tell yourself you’re stronger than your addiction over and over again, you eventually become more powerful than your addiction.

    How Faith Helps Drunkards

    Faith is probably one of the strongest forces on Earth. Of course, faith is not a universal force such as gravity or magnetism, but it can lead to spectacular results nonetheless. Through the power of faith, people can change dramatically. Now, this change might not be immediate, but it can be powerful enough to convince the addict of the error of his or her ways.

    The Serenity Prayer

    The Serenity Prayer is one of the most popular ways of praying in alcohol support groups. This prayer was written by American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, and it has been used by twelve-step recovery programs since 1941.

    In my opinion, the Serenity Prayer is so effective for alcoholics because it’s easy to remember and speaks directly to the mind of an alcoholic. Unlike other prayers, this one does not promise grand results but relies on the alcoholic’s courage and wisdom.

    Joining Prayer Groups

    If your spouse is religious, he or she can join a prayer group to overcome addiction. You can find these groups all over the country, and they usually welcome new members.

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    Stay sober!