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Marijuana and Sleep: Top 3 Best Strains for Insomnia Sufferers

    So many things keep people up at night. Stress, depression, and anxiety name a few. Not getting enough sleep can send your health on a downward spiral. 

    But, there’s hope! Marijuana and sleep have proven themselves a great combination for rescuing your well-being. 

    People who don’t get enough sleep suffer from sickness more often than normal. Ample rest keeps your body healthy. A well-rested body reduces stress and elevates your mood.

    People think clearer, causing them to make wiser decisions. Another plus is that sleep helps you maintain a safe weight. 

    Are you finding that not getting enough sleep has put your health in limbo? Well, read this. Find out about the link between marijuana and sleep and the best strains for insomnia sufferers.

    Understanding Insomnia

    On average, 30 million Americans suffer from insomnia. Other surveys insist a third of the population has the disorder. 

    While other sleep disorders prevail as well, insomnia reigns most common. 

    People with insomnia don’t simply find it difficult to fall asleep. When they manage to doze off, sleep doesn’t last long. Insomnia sufferers find themselves waking up often and earlier than usual.

    If they manage to get a few hours of rest, it’s not quality sleep, which leaves them feeling drained and exhausted. 

    Marijuana and Sleep

    Marijuana has sedating and calming effects, which makes it a great option for people with sleep deprivation.

    The THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in marijuana induces sleep. Research proves that ingesting at 15 milligrams of THC has sedative effects on the body. Marijuana strains with higher levels of THC encourage deeper sleep. 

    Deep, Non-REM sleep restores the body. It lowers your blood pressure and puts your heart in recovery mode. This could lead to a repair of your overall sleep quality. 

    Best Strains for Better Sleep 

    If the idea of smoking or ingesting marijuana is new to you, that’s fine. This natural medicinal miracle isn’t hard to adjust too. 

    Depending on your sleep issue, you might want to test different strains to find one that suits your needs. Whether you find high-quality THC edibles online or CBD oils, most important thing is to test different products to find the one which best effects on your sleep issues and solves your problems. Here are a few high-quality options.

    Tahoe OG Kush is a bud mainly grown on the west coast. It has lower levels of CBD and higher levels of THC. This makes it the strongest strain in the marijuana family.

    Soon after ingesting OG Kush, most people notice a feeling of euphoria, followed by relaxation. 

    God’s Gift is the midnight gift for people who just can’t close their eyes and rest. It gets its name from its knock-out effects. That’s because this strain contains close to 25% of THC, similar to the mango strain. Reference this article to learn more.

    The effects of God’s Gift come on strong and mighty. Use this strain when your plan is to go right to sleep.  

    Northern Lights lives up to its name because it sends you up into the clouds then dreamland. The THC level in this strain measures up to 33% percent and can have you snoring in minutes. 

    After a couple of puffs, you should feel your mood change and rest settling in. Go slow with this one if you’re a first-timer. 

    Get Some Sleep

    If getting to sleep wears you out at night, but not enough that you actually fall asleep, try the strain approach.

    Marijuana and sleep go hand-in-hand. It’s natural and effective. Give it a chance and get yourself some sleep.

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