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Marketing 101 for Fitness Professionals

    Marketing is an essential element of any self-employed business. This is true for fitness professionals as well. Discipline, dedication, and commitment can shape you into a great personal trainer. But what’s the benefit of all this if you don’t have customers. As a business, you need customers and marketing is the channel for businesses to connect with them. However, gaining customers is not as difficult as extensive training. With a little help of digital marketing tools and technology, you can build a strong network and inspire others to follow and connect with you. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about marketing 101 strategy for a successful fitness professional. 

    Blogs are Classic & Always in Trend 

    If you have a flair for writing, blogs can be a good way to add value to your probable customers. There is no need to be a novelist to write a blog. You need to know what to include in your content.According to Safari SEO Company, it is not enough to simply write content and hope for the best. In order to get seen in the organic search results, you need to know what to include in your content. Be crisp, concise, informative, and entertaining in your blogs. The best way to start is by analysing the content of your favourite fitness blogger. Since you are writing for a specific audience base, try to use terms that are specific to the fitness industry. It subconsciously depicts your expertise in the niche. Local fitness enthusiasts are the probable customer for your studio, so being local in your blogs is also important.  

    Fitness blogs revolve mostly around how to, do’s & don’ts, and product reviews. However, the list of these is endless, and so are the possibilities. To stand ahead of the competition, be innovative, and write content that adds value to the readers. Brainstorm ideas and figure out your USP in every piece of content that you write. 

    Social Media is a Big Deal

    Social media has revolutionised the marketing industry, and it becomes a must-have tool for self-employed businesses. Nowadays, social media acts as a catalogue of offerings to any company, especially if you are in the personal trainer industry. The first and foremost thing to be a successful fitness trainer is to have a glooming social media presence, especially on Instagram. Include various content formats that include info like fitness tips, exercise ideas, and personal trainers in your social posts to lure the audience. 

    Everyone desires to be fit and set fitness goals every once in a while. However, in dealing with their day-to-day problems, this goal is always sidelined. You, as a fitness trainer, have to tap into the aspiration of people to be fit and keep them motivated with your posts. Videos should be a prominent part of your social strategy as it is the most shared format of content on social sites. If you are planning to include videos in your social campaigns and don’t know where to start, there are many free video editing software online to aid you in making breathtaking videos

    Email Marketing

    As we discussed earlier, everyone plans their fitness goals, but most of them can’t even take the first step. Your emails can act as a reminder or motivation that can itch the aspiration of the viewer to be fit. Isn’t it what you want? Do you know that there are around 4 billion email accounts in the world? Just realise the potential of what a well-thought-out email marketing can do for your business.

    The first step of email marketing is to collect relevant addresses. You should include an email signup form on your social sites, website and other channels of communication. Most of the email service providers have mobile apps so that viewers can access your newsletter on mobile devices as well. In the newsletter, you can include things like upcoming events, training plans, schedules, free health tips, and much more. Try to maintain consistency in your emails. Don’t forget to add social buttons and call to action in it. 

    Meme is the Fun Way to Connect

    Memes produce immediate reactions on social media. They are light-hearted, attractive and fun with an immense reach out potential. However, it is risky too, as some of the audience might not get the humour in it, and takes it literally. Also, there is a possibility that casual marketing is not your thing. 

    Mention, every social site has unique appeal and tonality to it. While some are more serious, like LinkedIn and Twitter, others are fun to play with like Instagram and Snapchat. Mould your content that suits the tonality of that particular social site. Infographics: Convey More Info in Less Space

    Infographics: Convey More Info in Less Space

    Infographics are one of the tools that convey a huge amount of information in a minimum amount of words and images. Also, it is easier for viewers as well to digest the information. However, a very limited number of personal trainers have leveraged the medium. 

    Infographics are somewhat like a talking image. Fitness infographics can include info like postures of yoga & the right way of doing any particular exercise. If you are new to it and are looking for ways to create infographics, you can use online tools to convert images to video and infographics that can be shared on social sites. 


    As a fitness trainer, there is a lot at your plate to pick out from. Depending on your expertise and resources, you can use a combination of these strategies to build your brand. It is possible that you might not get the desired attention in a few days or weeks, but being consistent and creative is the way for successful marketing. You will also get a better idea of content as you devote yourself to it. 

    Besides the ideas as mentioned above, you can also opt for advanced audience targeting strategies like PPC, paid advertising, online campaigns and so on. Also, with analytics services available out there, you can easily visualise how your campaigns are performing. Just make sure that quality of content remains top-notch, keep updating yourself regularly and mix-max things to keep your audience engaged.