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Massage Tools – How To Choose The Best Massage Chair? 

    Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Is your neck always stiff? Instead of scheduling massage appointments every single week, why not invest the money in purchasing a massage chair. These chairs are designed to imitate the techniques of professional masseuses by allowing users to choose from a variety of technologies, operation modes, and convenient features. 

    Apart from experiencing pain relief, users can relax by listening to relaxing music while resting their legs on the ottoman. Although most of the models are designed to provide therapeutic benefits, some of them aim to offer nothing but pure relaxation. 

    Nowadays, there is a multitude of review sites, such as, providing practical advice about choosing the best massage equipment. 

    The following tips will assist you in selecting the right massage chair.

    Choose a type

    When looking for such a product, you are supposed to decide between the two basic types in the market, either therapeutic or hobbyist. The former is designed to address different types of pain that originate from certain medical or spinal issues. Apart from back pain, therapeutic chairs are designed to relieve neck, shoulder, or leg pain, as well as treat other conditions related to stress and hypertension.

    In contrast, the latter is designed to provide both therapeutic benefits and a myriad of conveniences, such as a hideaway ottoman, USB ports, memory slots, LED lights, etc. Hobbyist models are the ideal alternative for people looking forward to a relaxing massage after coming home from work, provided by a multitude of features. Anyhow, keep in mind that this model doesn’t provide the same therapeutic benefits as the former one, thus being inconvenient for individuals suffering from chronic pain. 

    Consider the basic technologies

    Every massage chair has to be equipped with some core technologies, such as a massage track, roller array, roller adjustment, and massage options. For instance, most of the low-end models are armed with a fixed frame in the form of a rectangle, with unmoving heads. Although these heads vibrate, they can’t do much to relieve the pain unless the painful spot is perfectly aligned with them. 

    Moreover, the S-track is used in almost all of the mid-range models, equipped with rollers that move up and down one’s spine. These rollers are known to provide incredible pain relief and relaxation starting from the neck and finishing at the tailbone. Similarly, the L-track consists of an S-track but it involves an extension that goes behind the seat in order to reach the glutes and thighs. Click here to learn more about how massage chairs work.

    Rollers are in charge of providing a relaxing experience to individuals sitting in such a chair, which is mainly determined by their number. Almost all models use quad rollers but some of them still use tri-rollers or dual-rollers. Nowadays, some of the high-end models even use six rollers to provide a remarkable experience. 

    When it comes to roller adjustment, certain low-end variants provide no adjustment technology, which means the rollers are stationary. Such models provide good massage solely when the person sitting in the chair moves its body to align with the position of the rollers. Conversely, the models with 3D scanning adjust their position in accordance with one’s pressure points by performing a 3D scan every time one sits in the chair. 

    Instead of computerized adjustments, some chairs use manual adjustment, hence allowing individuals to position the rollers on the right spot. Also, there are variants with a two-pronged approach, which provide both 3D body scan and manual adjustment buttons, useful in the event of an unsuccessful body scan. 

    Consider the massage options and operation mode

    Massage chairs provide either basic or advanced techniques, mainly depending on the budget one is willing to spend on such a product. For higher end, companies like Relax for Life provide a range of massage chairs that provide notable, measurable physiologicla benefits. The basic techniques provide users with tapping, kneading, a combination of kneading & tapping, knocking, etc. Conversely, the advanced techniques include Swedish, Junetsu, Shiatsu, deep tissue massage, and numerous other specific treatments. 

    Additionally, these chairs can be operated by using two modes, either roller-based or airbag-based mode. The more airbags a chair has the more you will enjoy the experience. The airbags provide users with the opportunity to adjust the experience to their specific needs by customizing the speed and intensity via the remote. Anyhow, the intensity-adjustment feature isn’t available on low-end models, which come with a single level.

    Most of the variants are operated with an LCD touchscreen, accompanied by remote control, which is useful for adjusting some settings while the massage is ongoing. Some of the high-end models enable users to control the features of this product via their mobile phone. 

    Check out the accessories

    People looking for hobbyist massage chairs are strongly advised to check out their range of accessories before making a purchase. For instance, some models are equipped with an extendable ottoman, which is vital for users higher than 6’1’’. Anyhow, if you find such ottomans unsightly, make sure you purchase a chair with a hideaway ottoman that folds inside when not using it. 

    Since most of the users enjoy listening to relaxing music while sitting in the chair, the MP3 support feature is undoubtedly one of the most preferred among buyers. MP3 support can be implemented through an SSD slot, USB port, or Bluetooth. 

    Furthermore, some models come with an air ionizer feature, which enables users to enjoy a pleasant blow of air in the course of the relaxing experience. Also, chronotherapy has become popular among users, allowing them to enjoy both light and music while using the product. The variants with a chronotherapy feature are equipped with LED lights that provide a soft glow. 

    Ultimately, if your room is not big enough to fit such a bulky product, make sure you purchase one with a space-saving design. Consequently, you’ll need wall clearance of 4’ instead of at least 18’.

    Final word

    Instead of visiting a masseuse, make sure you enjoy the benefits of this relaxing chair. 

    It’s undoubtedly a worthwhile investment!