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Medical marijuana: 4 Benefits that you probably never knew

    The first use of any cannabis product was for its psychoactive action around 2700 BC. This was widely used as medicine in Europe as early as 500 AD. It was prescribed for multiple issues such as nausea, labor pain, and even rheumatism. After a long and hard fight, more than 20 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana. This is a cause for a big celebration, but there are still quite a few skeptics who do not believe marijuana has many healing properties. Research on the benefits of medical marijuana is still ongoing. Here are a few medical benefits of marijuana that you probably never knew.


    It can slow down the spread of cancer cells

    In a study published in the journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, researchers found that cannabidiol, one of the primary cannabinoids of marijuana, possesses the ability to turn off a gene called Id-1 to slow down the growth of cancer cells. 


    Another research done in California in 2007 reported that the use of CBD has the potential to stop cancer cells from growing. More and more researchers are researching this area. Along with this, it is still quite beneficial for patients who have cancer. A few studies have reported that smoking marijuana can help treat vomiting or nausea from chemotherapy. 


    It slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease

    Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disorder that has no cure but can only be slowed down.


    It leads to killing and damage to brain cells. A study conducted by Dr. Cao and colleagues showed that THC has extremely therapeutic benefits for Alzheimer’s disease. It is well known that Alzheimer’s is mainly caused by the deposit of beta-amyloid protein. 


    It was found that THC directly inhibits the aggregation of this protein. This protein is responsible for damage to brain cells, and THC was found to block the brain’s enzymes that make this protein. 


    It helps patients with Crohn’s disease

    Smoking marijuana helps reduce Crohn’s disease symptoms, as shown by a study conducted in Israel in 2001. Most people who prefer using marijuana to control their symptoms go for a medical marijuana card. Once you know where to find medical marijuana cards, you can easily go to a dispensary and purchase the strain to help manage the condition. It is proven that the cannabinoids present in cannabis help the gut control bacteria and intestinal function.


    It helps control epileptic seizures

    Did you know that a medicine that is given to treat Dravet Syndrome (a form of epilepsy) for children below two years of age contains a plant-based formulation of CBD called Epidiolex? This has been approved by the FDA as well. It has been hotly debated and well researched upon for the past couple of years. THC helps bind the brain cells responsible for regulating relaxation and controlling excitability, which helps stop seizures. 


    There is a growing recognition of the various benefits one can get from cannabis. As medical science continues to prove it, this plant can prove to be exponentially therapeutic for many other ailments.