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Medical Tourism – Weight Loss Surgery in Poland

    Nowadays, more and more people suffer from obesity or overweight, which often leads to health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. Sometimes, after years of resorting to diet and exercise regime, weight loss drugs and other methods of reducing excess weight, we still cannot observe satisfactory results. In such cases, weight loss surgery, is the only way to achieve a long-term success in reducing weight. Choosing to undergo a bariatric surgery can help to reverse the harmful effects of being extremely overweight. This is certainly a decision that can change a person’s life and considerably improve its quality. In the recent years people who cannot afford gastric surgery in their country or the NHS waiting lists are too long, they have the opportunity to choose weight loss surgery abroad. There are many popular options for that, one of them is weight loss surgery in Poland.

    What makes weight loss surgeries so effective?

    Weight loss surgeries reduce the size of the stomach which helps to feel satisfied after eating a small amount of food. This is certainly the best option for people who get frustrated by the necessity to keep a strict diet for the majority of their lives and those who experience the constant feeling of hunger. There are various types of popular bariatric surgeries including gastric sleeve, gastric banding, gastric bypass and gastric balloon. 

    Bariatric surgery abroad?

    Medical tourism refers to people who travel abroad to find a high-quality and affordable medical treatment. In the recent years, it has become more and more popular among patients in Europe and North America. In the past, people used to travel from less-developed countries to modern medical clinics in the highly-developed western countries, because only there they could find the innovative treatment methods unavailable in their countries. However, during the recent two decades, we can observe a shift in medical tourism destinations. Nowadays, people from the developed countries in Western Europe travel to countries like Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary to obtain high-quality and cheap medical treatments. Check out novophane capsule review to read a great article about weight loss supplements.

    Gastric Sleeve 

    Gastric sleeve is considered as one of the most effective and widely available bariatric surgeries. This type of weight loss surgery is suitable for people who suffer from extreme obesity and need this procedure to improve their health. This type of weight loss surgery is not available for people who are overweight. One of the most important criteria is BMI (Body Mass Index). A patient needs to have BMI of 35 or higher in order to qualify for the procedure. In some cases, people with lower BMI are also accepted if the suffer from the obesity related medical conditions such as diabetes.

    The surgeons remove 70% – 80% of the stomach to create a small pouch in the shape of a sleeve that can accommodate only a small portion of food. All the other functions of the stomach, including the digestive function are preserved and the patient feels full after eating a tiny amount of food, which causes fast and effective weight loss. Moreover, patients feel less hungry and their appetite is well controlled thanks to the change of the hormonal receptor responsible for the feeling of hunger – ghrelin. After the surgery, patients need to keep the so-called post-op diet and maintain the recommended small portions to prevent stomach from stretching. 

    The surgery is safe, its success rate is over 85%, and it is usually performed using the laparoscopic technique, which is less invasive than a traditional open surgery and results in faster recovery and a shorter stay in the clinic. The procedure itself is relatively short and takes approximately 60 minutes. Patients need to stay in the clinic for 1-3 days after the surgery. It is recommended that they take about 3-4 weeks off to fully recover and get used to the new lifestyle. 

    Gastric Sleeve in Poland

    People who decide to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery may choose to have it refunded by the NHS or find a private clinic offering this kind of surgery. However, usually the NHS waiting lists are too long and the cost of surgery in the UK is so high that they cannot afford it in their country. That is why, people often decide to undergo a gastric sleeve in Poland, because this method has become popular and available at the lower cost outside the UK. 

    Why should you choose Poland? The answer is simple – this country offers one of the best prices for gastric sleeve surgery in Europe. The average price starts from 4690 GBP. 

    Poland – Top Medical Tourism Destination

    Recently, Poland has proved to become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in Europe, especially when it comes to dental and bariatric procedures. Patients from the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia often choose medical treatment in Poland because of the top-quality clinics in the biggest cities including Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk and Wroclaw offering affordable prices for all-inclusive treatment packages with excellent modern equipment and accommodation, experienced surgeons and professional medical care as well as the post-op control visits in the clinic. Medical centres in Poland are prepared to treat foreign patients who should not be afraid of the language barrier as the doctors and medical staff speak English as well as other languages. Moreover, it is easy to get necessary information about the particular clinic, its medical staff, equipment and sanitary conditions as they usually run English version of their websites.

    Another reason why people choose Polish clinics is the network of well-developed, accredited medical agencies which offer help for patients who want to find the best clinics with the most attractive packages. They can also advise on the most suitable flight connections (both business and budget class) and help to organise the travel. The travel costs are not as high as they used to be and the number of flights connections have increased significantly. Travelling from the most major European cities to Poland has become comfortable and cheap.

    Of course, people should not forget that medical tourism is also an opportunity to become a real tourist and spend some time sightseeing and visiting top tourist attractions in Poland, such as Cracow, Warsaw, Wroclaw or Gdansk. Medical tourism can be treated as a chance to undergo an affordable weight loss surgery in Poland as well as an opportunity to rest, relax and add another fascinating tourist destination to the list of the places you have visited so far!