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Medically Recommended Lifestyle Changes for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

    Erectile dysfunction is the inability to perform intercourse due to failure in getting or keeping an erection. The condition can be a result of either psychological or physical issues or both. It can cause stress as well as strain the person’s relationship with their spouse. 

    A significant male population of the world experiences erectile dysfunction at one point in their life. In some cases, it occurs due to an underlying cause or because of taking certain medications. In other cases, old age might be a factor. Factors beyond your control often cause erectile dysfunction; however, Fit Life MD, suggests a few lifestyle changes that can improve your sexual health. 

    Medically recommended lifestyle changes for erectile dysfunction:

    1. Add Healthy Food to Your Diet 

    Eating healthy food is essential for your good health. When you follow an unhealthy diet, such as if you eat sugars and fatty foods a lot, it might result in clogged arteries, heart diseases, and diabetes. All these factors contribute to improper circulation of blood in your body, including the penis. A good diet helps in improving blood circulation in your body. 

    1. Go for a Walk 

    A Harvard study showed that walking regularly for just 30 minutes can lower the risks of acquiring erectile dysfunction by 41%. 

    1. Maintain a Healthy Weight 

    There are countless reasons why maintaining a healthy weight is good for your body, and one of them is to have a healthy sexual life. Being overweight or obese can significantly increase your chances of getting an ED. To put things into perspective, a 42-inch waisted man is more likely to suffer from ED than a man with a 32-inch waist. 

    1. Quit Smoking 

    Nicotine addiction can damage your blood vessels and thus, result in poor circulation of blood. This leads to the inadequate arterial blood supply to your penis and causes ED. Studies show that patients saw an improvement in ED symptoms 2 to 12 weeks after quitting smoking. 

    1. Lower Your Stress 

    As we have stated in the beginning, ED can be caused by psychological factors. Often when you are under stress, you start getting anxious, which suppresses certain hormones in your body that are required for an erection. Moreover, when you are overstressed, you are not in your best mental state, and it is essential to remember that erection starts in your mind. 

    1. Have an Active Sexual Life 

    Not being able to engage in sexual activities or not performing sexually well can get frustrating. Situations like this can demotivate a person from staying sexually active; however, you must keep trying and engage in intercourse as much as possible. Sexual arousals and erections, even if they do not last for long, can stimulate blood flow.