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Melissa Essential Oils: Uses, Blends and Recipes

    The multitude of health benefits offered by Melissa essential oil makes it one of the popular essential oils that fly off the shelf from local markets. Some of the diseases and disorders that Melissa can take care of, in a nutshell, are anxiety, insomnia, headaches, migraine and stress. The oil can make positive changes in the body because of its medicinal properties including antibacterial, antidepressant and carminative. It also serves several other purposes.

    The scientific name of the plant from which Melissa oil is extracted is Melissa officinalis. The leaves and twigs of the plant are dried and then oil extracted through steam distillation. It is also known as lemon balm essential oil. It is called lemon balm because of its citrusy scent and its wide usage as a balm in relieving pain.

    Melissa oil extracted from the plant has a concentrated dose of several of the plant’s ingredients. It is the presence of these ingredients that make the oil a medicinal marvel. Some of the ingredients present in Melissa essential oil are linalool, citronellal, nerol, geraniol, beta Bourbonene, gamma cadinene and geranyl acetate. Some of the other properties that these compounds impart are hypotensive, antispasmodic, stomachic and sudorific.

    Lemon balm essential oil benefits

    As mentioned, Melissa or lemon balm essential oil has several health benefits. Some of these benefits are given below.

    Mood booster – It has antidepressant qualities and hence can be used as a mood enhancer. This quality of the oil has been made use of for a long time and hence it earned the sobriquet ‘the elixir of life’. Merely inhaling the scent of the oil can do wonders in uplifting one’s mood and spirits.

    Treating cold – It can treat common cold issues such as runny nose and sore throat. It has the quality of opening up the respiratory and nasal path, which can be used to stop frequent colds and the annoying issue of runny nose.

    Stops nervous breakdown – Another property of Melissa oil is it being a nervine agent. This property is useful for maintaining the health of the nervous system and stopping or slowing most nervous disorders. Some of the nervous disorders that can be prevented by Melissa oil are seizures and convulsions, Alzheimer’s disease and nervousness. More research is needed to find out its efficacy in treating Alzheimer’s disease, but Melissa oil is good for maintaining and improving cognitive functions, and hence it can act as a supplemental treatment for early Alzheimer’s. Since it is a nervine agent, it can be used before or during events that can cause nervousness. For example, students can add a few drops of the oil on their handkerchief and inhale the scent while taking exams. In ancient times, the scent of the plant was used by soldiers to instill courage and vigor before a battle.

    Prevents or reduces inflammation – The anti-inflammatory property takes care of any inflammation in the body. The perfect example is the pain in the joints due to inflammation. It is also a good soothing balm for pain caused by arthritis.

    Controls spasms – Spasms are sudden twitching of the muscles. Muscle spasms and cramps are generally harmless and a usual bodily function. But, sometimes extreme spasms can point to underlying issues in the liver and thyroid. Even under normal circumstances spasms can lead to stomach pain, shortness of breath and convulsions. The sedative and relaxant property of lemon balm oil can soothe the muscles and eliminate the pain caused by cramps. Those experiencing minor yet regular spasms must take it seriously and relieve pain with the lemon balm.

    Good for digestion – Stomachic properties increase appetite and digestion. This property of Melissa maintains the smooth functioning of the stomach. Any ulcers in the stomach, which affects its functioning, are treated by the oil.  It also regulates the quantity and quality of the gastric acids and bile in the abdomen.

    Causes sweating – There are many benefits of sweating – promoting good sleep, maintaining weight, building immunity, removing toxins etc. Melissa essential oil has diaphoretic and sudorific properties which promote sweating and thus helps eliminate toxins and cleans the pores of the skin. Sweating is also needed to remove excess body heat.

    Treats fever – It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can eliminate bacteria from the body. Bacteria that cause sweating can also be eliminated with lemon balm oil. And the sudorific property (mentioned in the pointer above) causes the body to return to its normal temperature.

    Controls blood pressure – Its hypotensive nature makes it a good ally in bringing down blood pressure levels. Hypertension is a serious illness which can lead to more health complications if left untreated. Lemon balm essential oil is a natural and easy way to bring down blood pressure levels and relax the body.

    How to use Melissa essential oil?

    ·         Melissa or lemon balm essential oil can be applied topically after mixing with a carrier oil (any vegetable oil at home).

    ·         It can be used in aromatherapy with a diffuser at bedtime.

    ·         Add a drop of Melissa to the face cream, lotion, moisturizer and conditioner to get its benefits.

    ·         Add a few drops to water before bathing or in the bathtub for relaxation.

    ·         Add in the kerchief and inhale while in the office or travelling.

    Melissa essential oil blend and recipe

    Relieve tension and stress by mixing five drops each of Melissa, Cedarwood and tangerine essential oils on a cotton ball and insert it in an inhaler. Deeply inhale the distinct aroma to calm the nerves and feel relaxed.

    A simple blend of alcohol free witch hazel and Melissa oil can be squirted on the face regularly to freshen up and rejuvenate the skin.

    Author Bio: Rahul S Kamat is an enthusiastic member of the Gyalabs family. He’s a dedicated lover of learning about aromatherapy and essential oils. This is reflected by his work which has bound by his knowledge and inputs. Working as a Seo Executive makes him the perfect fit due to his vast set of skills in the same.