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Menstrual Hygiene Guideline: Frequently Asked Questions on Menstrual Cups

    Menstrual hygiene products have been around and been progressive for decades ago. Although menstrual cups are not newbies in the menstrual hygiene product market area, it is still gaining its reputation as a cup which gives you lots of benefits from using it during your monthly blood discharge.


    If you already know the basics, the pros, and cons of menstrual cups, then you already have the information that you needed to either justify your purchase of a menstrual cup or to deepen the understanding of the said menstrual product.


    However, just by reading the basics, pros and cons of the product do not guarantee that all of your questions will be answered. Thus, here are the frequently asked questions about menstrual cups that you should know about.

    Can Virgins use the Cups?

    One word: Yes. The menstrual cups can be used by younger girls or women who haven’t experienced sexual intercourse. How is it possible? Well, just remember that a woman’s vagina can give way to a child during childbirth, what more of a few inches of a flexible cup, right?


    Another rumor that seems to have been spreading for a while is that girls lose their virginity when an individual uses a menstrual cup —this is not true. A menstrual cup is folded and placed inside the walls of your vagina without harming the hymen.


    Also, it comes in different sizes to ensure your comfort. Not to mention that your hymen can stretch and tear from nay activities besides sexual intercourse.

    Can You Sleep while using a Menstrual Cup?

    Yes, you can! The average use of menstrual cup is up 10 to 12 hours which gives you plenty of time to sleep before you have to empty the cup. However, consider your menstrual flow before sleeping with a menstrual cup, since if you have a heavy flow, then you might need to try sleeping with a pad as well to avoid leakage.

    Can You Get Toxic Shock Syndrome from It?

    You may have heard that tampons are known to have caused the seemingly plaque-like TSS or toxic shock syndrome back then in the 1800s due to the superabsorbent tampon. However, technically speaking you can still acquire TSS from using menstrual cups, just that the probability is lessened.


    This is why you should follow the protection product instructions so that you would not be risking yourself from getting harmful bacteria forming in your vagina.

    Is Menstrual Cup Painful?

    This one varies, but most women experience mild discomfort during the insertion when they start to use a menstrual cup. However, once the cup is inserted correctly, the cup, due to its flexible material, will ensure you that you won’t be feeling uncomfortable.


    Also, you should keep in mind that it is essential to wear the right size of the menstrual cup so that you can be comfortable while wearing it for your menstruation cycle.

    Why Would My Menstrual Cup Leak?

    Well, first things first, if your menstrual cup has caused some leakage, then it might be because of improper insertion. Also, your cup can leak if you have a heavy flow and you are not emptying the cup pout as frequently as needed.

    Lastly, your bowel movement can also affect the leakage since the shift might move the menstrual cup. It can also be caused due to the changes in your cervical position which is frequent during your menstruation.

    Can You Swim while Using a Menstrual Cup?

    Definitely yes! You can wear your menstrual cup when going swimming. You will have no any problems since the menstrual cup is inside your body without any strings hanging out. Additionally, you will also stay protected for a longer duration since the cup holds more fluid than the tampons.


    However, it is recommended that you empty your cup before swimming to maximize your protection from leakage and avoid an accident.

    How Long Does Menstrual Cup Last?

    A menstrual cup’s lifespan lasts up to 10 years, after than that, you should replace your cup immediately. This means to say that you will be saving more than you were when you used pads and tampons. Also, it is considered as eco-friendly since you wouldn’t need to throw pads and tampons every 4 hours.


    Moreover, you should keep in mind that you need to replace your menstrual cup sooner if you notice any holes or tears on it. Lastly, it is important to sterilize the cup regularly to keep it in good shape and free from bacteria.


    Hopefully, the frequently asked questions written and discussed here has cleared your mind in regards to the questions that you have in mind when using a menstrual cup. Also, if you have further inquiries or questions about menstrual cups, then you should definitely ask from those who really have the right information and not from any rumors spreading out.