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MetaRelax Review

metarelax reviews

We all want to relax and have 8 full hours of sleep every day, but that’s not always possible. The fast-paced life and stress has made us anxious and our health is suffering because of that. So, how can we deal with that?

Well, one way would be to take prescription sleeping pills. These can help those who are suffering insomnia, but they are not always the best solution. They can have some negative side effects, and besides, you don’t always want to take a lot of medication.

What can you can do then to sleep better? You can take supplements, such as MetaRelax. This is a magnesium powder blend designed to help promote restful sleep. And not only that, it will also make you feel more relaxed and put you in a good mood. Just what we all need.

What Does it Contain?

MetaRelax is a unique formula that has a magnesium amino acid chelate, which helps with enhancing absorption and intestinal tolerance. In addition to magnesium, we also have folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, as well as Taurine. Thanks to its orange citrus flavor, it has a very pleasant flavor that not a lot of people will complain about.

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Why is It Good for You?

MetaRelax is a great supplement thanks to its many beneficial ingredients.

· Magnesium – this is an important part of calcium metabolism, and together with calcium, it supports various biological processes. We need magnesium for bone formation, as well as for improving our muscle contraction and relaxation. Furthermore, our nervous system requires magnesium to be in optimal shape. One of the signs that show you’re lacking magnesium is muscle spasm, which you have probably experienced in your life.

· Vitamin B6 – this vitamin is crucial for conversion of glutamate, which is a neurotransmitter, into GABA. The latter is also a neurotransmitter, and it has calming and relaxing properties, which are important for our everyday health. In addition to this, vitamin B6 helps with metabolism and histamine synthesis.

· Vitamin B12 – this is something we need in order for our brain and nervous system to function normally. Also, this vitamin makes sure that the serotonin synthesis is done properly, which is another important process in our body.

· Taurine – finally, we have taurine. This is an amino acid that’s naturally occurring, and it also contains sulfur. It also makes sure our brains are healthy, and it works in the cardiovascular system, helping our muscles’ development.

metarelax ingredients

Aside from these ingredients, MetaRelax also features citric acid and some natural flavors. Furthermore, there’s rebaudioside A, which comes from Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract, as well as silica.

Daily Value

By taking MetaRelax, you ensure that you’re taking 2.8 mg of vitamin of vitamin B6, which is 140% of daily value! The amount of folate in this product represents 50% of daily value, and the same goes for Vitamin B12. Next, we have magnesium, 150 mg of it, to be precise. This represents 38% of daily value, which is a great addition to your everyday diet.

Using MetaRelax

MetaRelax is a great supplement for when you’re having problems with sleep. But it can also help you with many other problems, such as fatigue and low energy level, as well as palpitations. You might have experienced some of these problems without even being aware that the lack of magnesium is the culprit.

This supplement can also help you with muscle cramps and involuntary muscular contractions, such as eye twitches. Again, this is something that you might not associate with the lack of magnesium, so it’s good to pay some attention to it.

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metarelax reviews


MetaRelax is a product that has individually packed portions. For each packet, mix the ingredients with 8 ounces of water, and drink one glass a day. This is a general recommendation, but it is possible that it can be different amount, depending on what your healthcare practitioner says. Make sure to consult them if you have any questions about the product or you’re not quite sure if it’s right for you.


Using MetaRelax is not always recommended for everyone. Namely, if you’re pregnant or nursing, you should consult your healthcare practitioner to see if this product is right for you. The same goes if you’re taking any medications, for example. Also, it should be mentioned that MetaRelax is to be kept out of reach of children. Try to keep this product in a cool, dry place.

MetaRelax Reviews

The overwhelming majority of MetaRelax reviews are positive, noting the effectiveness of the supplement. This product is excellent in reducing stress levels and improving sleep. It can help you cope with stressful situations in a better way, without negatively affecting your health. A supplement like this is a good option compared to a prescription medication that can have a harsh effect on your body.

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metarelax reviews