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Michael Giannulis Explains Why Washing Hands is Important amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Since the COVID-19 crisis has rocked the US and the entire country, you heard that washing your hands with soap and water is extremely important. Then, do you know the science behind the same? You need to wash your hands thoroughly to stop the spread of the coronavirus as well as other germs and diseases. 

    Germs can get onto your hands, when you touch surfaces after someone sneezed or coughed, spreading respiratory droplets. That is how surfaces become contaminated and so if you do not wash hands properly, you become susceptible to the coronavirus. Read on to learn more: 

    Mike Giannulis on staying safe from diseases and infections

    Washing your hands with water and soap prevents infection spread and diseases due to several reasons. You often touch your nose, eyes, and even your mouth without realizing the same. This is how viruses enter your body, making you fall sick. 

    Germs and viruses from unwashed hands can infect your food and beverage, or when cooking meals and eating. Did you know some germs or viruses could multiply in certain foods and beverages to make you ill? Hand washing is, therefore, essential to prevent corona, respiratory infections, and other diseases.  

    Educate people about the importance of handwashing so that you and the community stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Dirty hands make children sick worldwide

    Studies indicate that approx 1.8 million kids below five years die due to pneumonia and diarrheal conditions all over the world. Michael Giannulis knows that around one out of three kids fall sick due to diarrhea and around one in five children contract respiratory ailments such as pneumonia. As corona affects the human respiratory system, you should wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly for at least 20-30 seconds. 

    Though people wash their hands, very few use water and soap. Washing your hands only with water does not kill viruses and therefore, the use of soap is imperative. Schools and educational institutions should raise awareness about handwashing with soap and water. The corona pandemic has created havoc, claimed several lives all over the world, and therefore, washing your hands with water and soap is necessary. You cannot ignore it or just think washing hands with water will keep you safe from the deadly COVID-19 virus. 

    Improves your antibiotic resistance

    When fall sick less, it helps in reducing the use of antibiotics, thereby your antibiotic resistance improves. Hand washing helps in reducing approx 20 percent of respiratory ailments or infections, especially flu and cold. These days, antibiotics are recommended unnecessarily or people take them anyway. Therefore, washing your hands carefully prevents the spread of infection and diseases, thus improving antibiotic resistance. 

    Hand washing will also reduce your chances of falling sick from germs, especially those that become resistant to antibiotics. If you fall ill too often, antibiotics treatment becomes challenging. 


    Now that you know the science behind washing your hands, develop this habit whenever you cook food, before eating, after using toilets, after sneezing, and when you touch your pets. Keep your family and kids safe from the pandemic.