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Mixing CBD with Caffeine: What Science Says?

    The last few years have seen the increased popularity of CBD, a cannabis product that doesn’t cause a high. Consequently, CBD product developers have been expanding upon their creativity, where you can consume the product in chocolates, candies, ice cream, or lattes. Lately, there has been an interest in mixing CBD with caffeine. More people are using the two products together by infusing CBD oil into their morning coffee. However, what’s the scientific explanation of combining stimulating caffeine with soothing CBD? Should you mix them, and how would they interact?

    Understanding the effects of CBD and Caffeine

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    CBD is a stimulant at low doses and can cause sedation in higher doses. For example, people take Sunday Scaries CBD gummies for anxiety since it naturally promotes a calm and relaxed demeanor. Caffeine is also a drug and one of the most consumed drugs in the world. It’s also a stimulant that acts on the brain and nervous system. While small doses of caffeine can reinvigorate you, more significant amounts can make you feel apprehensive and get some sleep. Some people experience anxiety from drinking too much coffee. 

    CBD and caffeine in your cup interact with the endocannabinoid system to help with mood, appetite, and sleep. The endocannabinoid is a complex system in the body comprising receptors and enzymes. The body uses these receptors to regulate many biological functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, and memory. THC and CBD are popular cannabinoids that interact with the endocannabinoid system. Caffeine is also a popular compound that affects the endocannabinoid system. However, CBD and caffeine are two incompatible opposites, meaning they have opposite effects on the endocannabinoid system. With caffeine shutting down neurotransmitters, CBD activates them. 

    The science behind mixing caffeine with CBD

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    Research on this topic is still scant, with CBD a relatively recent phenomenon. Therefore, the exact interaction that could result from mixing CBD with caffeine is still unknown. We need more studies to understand what happens when these two compounds combine. However, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence showing what could happen. Adding CBD to your morning coffee can’t prevent you from enjoying the calmness brought about by CBD, though different people react differently to the mix. Here are the benefits of taking CBD-infused coffee.

    Help reduce jittery caffeine effects.

    Adding CBD to coffee can take the edge off the harsh effects of caffeine. The anti-anxiety properties of CBD products can solve the jittery effects of consuming too much coffee. When you take CBD-infused coffee, the cannabidiol binds inadequately to CB1 receptors and can dampen the psychoactive effect of caffeine. For example, a dash of CBD can mellow out the drowning impact of espresso and do away with the weird feeling. It takes away the nervousness caused by consuming caffeine, thus helping to maintain energy and stay focused. You can experience the nice, alert, and focused energy of coffee with no jitters.

    The CBD-infused coffee can also reduce the symptoms associated with caffeine, such as fatigue and depressed mood. CBD can also use its anti-nausea properties to help anyone with stomach upsets when drinking coffee. Therefore, you can combine any CBD with your coffee and enjoy a hybrid of stimulation and calmness.

    It amplifies alertness and keeps you relaxed.

    Caffeine in coffee is mainly used to boost mood, focus, and energy levels, whereas CBD is used for the opposite. Hence, some people have concerns over whether coffee can affect the relaxation effects provided by CBD products. Reports have shown that mixing CBD with caffeine will keep you relaxed and remain productive all day. The opposing effects may be complementary with CBD-infused coffee boosting your alertness level. 

    You will have a heightened sense of concentration and a more optimistic attitude. Mixing CBD with coffee amplifies alertness, and a sense of concentration in the coffee CBD moderates the effects of impulsivity. Also, the absence of anxiety can lead to much-improved sleep at night.

    Help with caffeine withdrawal.

    According to a survey from the National Coffee Association, over 80% of US adults take caffeine every day. With more people drinking coffee, there is an increasing number of individuals addicted to caffeine. If you have a caffeine addiction, combining CBD oil with coffee can help with the withdrawal. Some people can’t live without the energy effects of coffee but hate the crash when they stop consuming it. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms include headache, anxiety, nausea, and irritability. Therefore, adding CBD oil can provide the relief needed to withdraw from caffeine addiction.

    Mixing CBD with caffeine

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    It’s easy getting CBD and caffeine at the same time. You only need to mix CBD into the brew and get the daily CBD dose. Buy CBD oil and make beverages with it, such as fortified coffee or tea. Similarly, there are other CBD edibles such as pills, gummies, and chocolates containing caffeine. For example, CBD energy chews contain caffeine for an energy boost.

    Your reaction to the CBD and caffeine combination depends on the various doses of each. Hence, start at relatively low-to-moderate doses of each product when mixing CBD oil with caffeine. Don’t start with 1500mg of CBD and triple shot espresso in your first attempt. Instead, experiment with those ages until you find the right combination for you. 

    Bottom line

    CBD is safe to consume, but it’s better to consume it in low doses. Some people have been adding CBD oil into their morning coffee to cancel the side effects of caffeine consumption. While there is still research on the impact of mixing caffeine with CBD, the health risks of combining the two products are yet to be determined. Therefore, you can mix coffee with CBD and enjoy more benefits with fewer health risks. However, talk to your health officer before adding CBD into your coffee to determine how you react to the combination.