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Mommy Makeover in Portland: Your Guide to the Basics!

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding change a woman’s body forever. As the name suggests, a mommy makeover is about fixing common aesthetic concerns that new mothers have after childbirth. This makeover is not one procedure but a mix of plastic surgery techniques. “Mommy makeover” is more of a trend in the world of plastic surgery. It is a customized surgery/treatment plan for each patient. Before you check for clinics for Mommy Makeover in Portland, here are some things to know. 

    Understanding the options

    Motherhood affects a woman’s body in many ways, but the most evident changes can be spotted on the abdomen and breasts. A new mother’s breasts usually enlarge considerably during and after pregnancy, but once breast milk production is reduced, the breasts continue to shrink. Breast shrinkage can create noticeable sagging. Your plastic surgeon may consider breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift options depending on your aesthetic objectives. For your abdominal concerns, procedure options include a tummy tuck, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. Other options are a Brazilian butt lift, an arm lift, or even a fat transfer. As we mentioned, these procedures are elective, and a good surgeon will try to minimize the techniques but maximize the results. 

    Things to know

    1. It can take time to recover after a mommy makeover. You need to talk to your doctor about that and must consider seeking help from the family. Usually, a mommy makeover is done as an outpatient procedure, but this can vary. 
    2. You may not be able to drive for some time after your procedures are done. Also, your doctor may advise against heavy physical exercise and using certain medications. You must follow the list of dos and don’ts. 
    3. You may have to wait for the results after a mommy makeover. While some procedures offer instant results, others only show the outcome after weeks. Be patient and make sure that you keep up with post-surgery care. 
    4. Let your doctor know if you are a smoker, have diabetes, or have other medical conditions. You need to be healthy and clear the imaging and diagnostic tests to qualify for different surgical procedures done in a mommy makeover. 
    5. Always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for the procedure. Take your time to find a reliable and popular plastic surgery clinic in Portland and meet one of their board-certified plastic surgeons in person to know more. 

    Check online now for more details on mommy makeovers and share your expectations with your doctor.