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Most Common Surgeries in Austin, TX

    People get surgeries for a multitude of reasons. These include relieving pain, treating illnesses, or improving their bodily performance. Not to mention, people also opt for cosmetic surgeries to change or improve their physical appearance. Such surgeries are not backed by any medical reasons but rather personal preferences.

    Below are some most common surgeries that take place in Austin, TX. Read on if you wish to learn about Austin body contouring procedures and other medical surgeries. 

    Common Medical Surgeries

    The following are the most common medical surgeries in Austin, Texas. 

    Coronary Artery Bypass

    You may know of the procedure as ‘bypass surgery’ and that most recipients of the surgery suffer from coronary artery disease or angina pain. During the procedure, the surgeon creates a bypass by grafting a piece of vein from above and below the blocked area. 

    This allows blood to flow around the obstruction of the coronary artery. Normally, doctors graft a vein from the leg, but in some cases, they may graft arteries from the chest.

    Free Skin Graft

    Free skin graft is a surgical procedure for people with burns, surgically removed diseased skin, and injured skin. During this surgery, the surgeon detaches a skin graft from a part of the body with healthy skin. 

    This skin graft is then used on another part of the body to repair damaged or removed skin. However, doctors only recommend this surgery when the damaged part of the skin is too large to heal naturally or through stitching or medication.

    Breast Biopsy

    Breast biopsy is also on the list of the most common medical surgeries in Austin, Texas, and the US. A breast biopsy is a diagnostic procedure. It involves removing breast tissue or cells to run a lab test for any abnormalities or diseases. In some cases, surgeons also perform the surgery to remove any abnormal tissue or cells through a needle biopsy. They insert a long hollow needle in the breast to extract abnormal breast tissue or cells. Oftentimes, they completely or partially remove a lump through lumpectomy to examine it for treatment.

    Common Cosmetic Surgeries

    A lot of people get cosmetic plastic surgeries to achieve their beauty goals or change their physical appearance. Here are some of the most common surgeries in Austin, Texas.

    Hair Transplantation

    People tend to lose hair for various reasons. Some fall victim to baldness as they age, while others experience hair loss due to certain treatments and medication. Whatever the reason may be, a hair transplant surgery helps reduce baldness. Many people also refer to it as hair restoration surgery. 

    In this procedure, surgeons remove hair from an area with thicker, denser hair growth and transplant it to an area that is experiencing baldness. In one session, they transplant more than a thousand hair follicles. Of course, that may not be enough, and they may require a few more transplant sessions. 


    This is a cosmetic procedure to improve the shape of the body through the removal of fat deposits. While it is one of the common surgeries associated with body contouring, it is not intended for weight loss. Surgeons use a pen-shaped instrument called the vacuum suction cannula to remove localized fat deposits from the area directly beneath the skin. In some cases, they also use an ultrasound to break up fat deposits prior to vacuum suction removal.

    Patients can opt for liposuction on various parts of the body, such as the arms, face, stomach, thighs, buttocks, and back. It is also useful for removing fat tumors or reducing breast size in men. It is completely safe to get liposuction on more than one area of the body in a single day.

    Breast Augmentation or Enlargement

    Surgeons perform this surgery using fat grafting and saline or silicone gel prosthetics. Women opt for the procedure to get bigger breasts or if their breasts have changed after pregnancy or lactation. Some women also have differently-sized breasts, so this surgery solves the problem as well. Breast augmentation can help with drooping or saggy breasts by lifting them up to give a perky shape.


    Numerous surgeries in Austin, Texas, are gaining popularity among patients. This is generally due to their growing success rate. The above-mentioned surgeries are categorized in medical and cosmetic surgeries, as some surgeries are performed for non-medical reasons as well.