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Multipower Whey Protein Reviews

    multipower whey protein powder reviews

    multipower whey protein powder reviews

    Multipower Whey Protein is a long-standing purveyor of nutritional supplements and training advice. They have been around since the late 70s, when bodybuilding and weightlifting in general were reaching their peak popularity.

    Ever since the beginning, their goal was – and remains – to help athletes worldwide achieve their goals. And with their products being available in a total of 36 countries around the world, in addition to their remarkable reputation, they seem to have been very successful at pursuing this goal.

    Today, their inventory is comprised of a range of supplements, including almost anything you can think of: protein powder, weight gainers, branched-chain amino acids, creatine, and more.

    Not only are their products incredibly varied, but they also take an extra step to facilitate the purchasing process. Namely, the products can easily be sorted according to the buyer’s intended training goals (muscle mass, strength, endurance etc.), as well as additional filters that display only vegan or vegetarian-friendly options.

    Moreover, you can also filter out the products containing potentially undesirable substances. More specifically, this is referring gluten, aspartame and lactose.


    Multipower Whey Protein is a must for everyone who engages in intense physical activity, be it gym based or not, and be it amateur or professional. Protein constitutes the very building blocks of muscle, so a protein supplement is the foundation of every proper physique.

    Naturally, Multipower Whey Protein offers a selection of whey protein supplements to choose from. At the moment, they offer two products: 100% Pure Whey Protein and 100% Whey Isolate Protein. They can both be found on this site.

    100% Multipower Pure Whey Protein

    One look at the packaging and the ingredient list, and you know you’re dealing with one serious supplement. Multipower Whey Protein contains as much as 80 grams of pure protein per 100 grams of the powder, which is truly remarkable, especially when considering the price.

    Not only that, but Multipower Whey Protein also contains a good 19 grams of leucine, isoleucine and valine per serving, in addition to some vitamin B6.

    When it comes to the flavoring, the product is available in a total of seven flavors. Multipower Whey Protein also comes in three different packages: 450 grams, 900 grams and 2000 grams. This way, Multipower Whey Protein easily accommodates for a range of tastes and requirements.

    100% Whey Isolate Protein

    At first glance, the two don’t seem so different. However, one look at the ingredients and the distinguishing trait becomes apparent – the isolate is geared more towards professional athletes. Multipower Whey Protein contains slightly more protein per serving, and the amount of secondary substances is significantly lower.

    This change means little to nothing for the average gym-goer, but the lower carb and fat content can really spell a world of difference for a professional.

    The isolate comes in two packages: a 725g and a 1590g one. Moreover, it only comes in three basic tastes: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Regardless, it is still able to meet all the users’ needs.


    multipower whey protein powder reviews

    As I already mentioned, the isolate is made using more advanced processes in order to ensure higher pure protein content, and minimize the presence of carbs, fats and other secondary substances.

    Now, the isolate contains slightly more protein and a much lower percentage of secondary substances. This is something that only professionals will truly be capable to take advantage of, so if you are the average natty who took up training as a hobby, there is no need for you to invest the extra bucks into the isolate.

    What do Users say about Multipower Whey Protein?

    As you may expect, reviews of both of these products are overwhelmingly positive. While I always take the reviews on the Multipower Whey Protein own site with a pinch of salt, there is no doubting the countless user reviews on third party sites.

    Those who have used it praise the natural and savory taste, and the fact that the powder dissolves perfectly in water. In more practical terms, users also report good results while using these supplements, in addition to the improved recovery time, owing to the high BCAA content.

    But what about the bad sides? Well, Multipower Whey Protein don’t have any, as far as I could tell. Usually, when it comes to these products, people complain about the pricing and the negative effects they may have on digestion, but there seems to be none of it here.

    Everyone appears to agree that these products are both well worth the money, and that they go down and are absorbed rather easily.

    Still sceptical? Click on the button and check the Amazon Reviews by of Multipower Whey Protein yourself:

    Multipower Whey Protein Review

    Multipower Whey Protein is a serious company, and when it comes to this particular product range, they are almost unrivaled. As is to be expected of a reputable enterprise with over three decades of experience under their belt, their supplements are of the highest quality, and are priced fairly to boot.

    If you go Multipower Whey Protein, you can’t go wrong – you’d be getting more than enough protein and some BCAA on top of that.

    However, when it comes to picking between the 100% pure whey and the 100% whey isolate, go for the former if you’re not a professional. The extra fats and carbs will not affect you nor your results in the least.

    Click on the button below and purchase your first package of Multipower Whey Protein today!

    Multipower Whey Protein Reviews