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Muscle Pain Gotcha Down: Here’s How to Fix Sore Muscles

    Whether you’ve been putting overtime in the gym or just had a long day at work, it’s important to know how to prevent sore muscles. You don’t want to spend days hobbling around, do you? Popping pain killers is not your only option — find how to treat sore muscles right here!

    Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

    This is the easiest solution and something you should incorporate in your daily routine — a good night’s sleep. Depriving yourself of enough rest may increase your perception of pain. That could also result in your soreness feeling even worse than it actually is. 

    Our bodies have complex and specific systems to clear out inflammation and repair cell damage. These systems work overtime in your sleep. Your muscles are given the opportunity to have any cell damage repaired once you give yourself at least seven hours of sleep each night. 

    Eating More Garlic Foods

    Garlic is another simple solution to sore muscles. Crushed garlic cloves are a powerful natural way to eliminate muscle fatigue. Crushing the garlic’s cell generates the compound allicin and that compound reduces inflammation. 

    Try adding garlic to your lunch or dinner with carbs and protein (such as stir-fry) to help your muscles recover quicker. 

    Have a Tumeric Latte

    This bold gold spice has the antioxidant curcumin, which helps reduce muscle pain, muscle inflammation, and quickens recovery. The supplement of curcumin works against muscle soreness and quickly does the trick. You could increase the intensity by selecting a recipe that also has ginger. 

    Ginger also reduces muscle pain caused by excessive exercise. Have a turmeric (and ginger) latte at the start and end of each day if you want to know how to prevent sore muscles. This natural and holistic approach is great to have even after your muscles are relieved. 

    Roll Your Body vs. Stretching Your Body

    Foam rolling is popular at the gym but also at home. It’s a much better approach to warming up your body versus traditional stretching. Foam rolling isolates your muscles and targets specific areas for you to alleviate pain efficiently. 

    Instead of rolling from one end of your muscle to the other, break up your routine. Divvy up larger muscle groups, such as your hamstrings or quads, into smaller sections. Slowly each section for one minute so you can give each muscle a chance to alleviate its soreness. 

    Drink Tart Cherry Juice

    A cup of tart cherry juice is a popular recovery drink. You can consume it in whole fruit form, juice or by finding an alternative supplement with Kratom Connection. Drinking one ounce of the tart drink cut with a bit of water twice a day for a few days can significantly reduce muscle soreness. 

    If you aren’t a fan of cherry or are allergic, watermelon juice is a great alternative. Blending fresh watermelon with ice makes for a refreshing slushie. Or drinking pure watermelon juice twice a day could result in much looser, relaxed muscles. 

    Now You Know How to Prevent Sore Muscles

    Now that you understand how to prevent sore muscles, which method are you going to start? You can adopt one or all of these methods into your daily routine to see significant changes. And if you want even more options for relieving your sore muscles, keep browsing our blog today!