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Natural and Home remedies for THC Detox

    There are many reasons to undergo a detox regime, there are also many ways to take onto these brief periods of healthier habits. For the many who avoid industrial pills and methods, home remedies and detox recipes are the way to go. 


    There are plenty of easy access ingredients and tools for this. Most of these tricks and recipes involve certain discipline as well as withdrawal from consuming any cannabis or THC related products.


    What is THC? 


    THC or its official name Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive component of cannabis and perhaps the most abundant in the great majority of strains and their 113 cannabinoids.


    In other words, THC is the component that provides a high sensation once it interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the brain. THC doesn’t take long to interact with your body, but this occurs once it enters your bloodstream, where it can spend weeks before your system breaks it down.


    How long THC can remain in your body depends on several factors like, your metabolism, consumption regularity and your BMI (Body mass Index). 


    Typically, once your system has broken down the THC in the system, it is purged when urinating, so water is a key element on every method.


    Drug tests on another hand, are one of the main reasons for people who look to undergo detox. Whether there’s a preference for a detox pills method, or a natural healthy diet may depend on the scheduled test. 


    Naturally healthy diets may take longer to break down the cannabinoids in your bloodstream and system, but it tends to be a risk-free method.


    How to Naturally Detox


    There are plenty of online recipes to undergo a safe homemade marijuana detox. FVKASA’s review however, suggests a considerable amount of water consumption to achieve the dilution method.


    It consists in blending a small amount of salt in water to act as an electrolyte whilst adding B-vitamins if possible. As a result, urine is bound to be more yellow than usual however, this would be a sign of a higher filtration of impurities from your body.


    The method of dilution is based on the fact that drug residues found in urine can be reduced with a consisted amount of water. Vitamins and creatine also play a part in screening the ideal results. 


    Alternative and Masking Methods 


    Excessive water consumption, cranberry and pickle juice methods as well as vinegar, and niacin methods may all help speed up the detoxification progress. However, these are not a final solution to clean your system from THC.


    While these methods may prove useful, the right way to completely detox your body is to abstain from consuming and engaging in more healthy eating and exercising habits.


    There are also detox kits available both online and local stores. Please note that there are several products to be avoided and sticking to recommended and proven pills are a faster way to getting your body rid of marijuana residues.


    Masking methods on the other hand, are heavily related to detox pills. Most marijuana detox pills speed up the metabolism and help the body rid of impurities but don’t imply a thorough cleanse.


    Instead they tend to provide the necessary metabolites for a positive test rather than an actual cleansing.


    Review that THC detox under masking methods are one of the most delicate processes regarding marijuana cleanse. While risks are rare to occur, it is possible to be intoxicated from excessive and irresponsible consumption of pills.



    • Recommended Detox Kits 



    Toxin Rid


    Toxin Rid is one of the most renowned detox kits globally, depending on the scheduled test there are different presentations to take on the desired time for the detox.


    Another method involves a strict exercise routine accompanied with at least 5 litres of water a day. The amount of liquid increases the frequency of urination thus expulsing THC residues more often. 


    To vary the routine, it is advisable to drink critical infusions such as lemonade and orange juice. Citric concentrations have a wide variety of vitamins that not only prove beneficial to the breaking of weed residues but also accompany a healthy diet.


    A low fat and high fibber diet with high liquid consumption for an average BMI individual typically completes a thorough detox in a time of 4 weeks.


    How Can I Pass a Urine Test?


    The ideal way to pass a urine test is to undergo a detox regime. Ridding your system from any metabolites and impurities your body may have leftover after taking any drugs. 


    However, taking on a detox process does require prior planning and discipline in order to get the desired results. Due to the time factor, this may not be the go-to solution for everybody.


    How Long Does THC Remain in my Body?


    Marijuana’s remains in your system are called metabolites which are cannabinoids, and their traces can be found in your hair, saliva, fingernails, blood, and urine.


    Depending on your cconsumption habits, metabolites or THC can stay longer in your system. Drug tests display cannabis traces as, THC-COOH, note this is based on the last time consumed basis.


    • Irregular consumers tend to display from 1 to 4 days
    • Regular or common users can display up to a week
    • Heavy and routine consumers can display up to 21 days