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Natural Nighttime Beauty Regimes You Should Be Doing

    Though beauty does not differ based on the time of day or night, following a night time based beauty regime proves to have a profound impact on your skin in the long term. Everyone prefers to apply creams, oils, and lotions before stepping out in the morning, but their immediate effect is handicapped by other external factors such as pollution and moisture in the air outside your comfortable home.

    Since ancient times, women have tried different natural methods for enhancing their beauty, particularly before going to bed. Nighttime beauty regimes have peculiar and astonishing impacts on your skin if followed on a daily basis.

    Lighten up your skin, the natural way

    Women all around the world follow different types of beauty regimes based on their skin condition, climate, geographical location, and time of the day. Some of them range from natural homemade facial masks to highly expensive and branded cosmetics manufactured using chemicals compounds.

    The cosmetics and beauty products market is flooded with innumerable brands that project themselves as a one-stop solution for women (and men too) to increase their skin fairness and attract people with milky aura. Most of the branded products are manufactured using chemicals and synthetically produced materials, which in long term damages your skin.

    Go natural from daily used fruits and veggies – Homemade creams/lotions


    Your daily cooked potatoes are rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, and A as well as laded with bleaching compounds like beta-carotene, magnesium, and phosphorous. Gentle rub using mashed potato paste on a daily basis results in the reduction of dark spots, wrinkles, and smoothens skin.

    Egg White

    Considered to be an anti-aging remedy since ancient times, egg white decreases wrinkles, dark lines, and stiffens the skin. Preparing a facial mask comprising of egg white twice a week illuminates your skin by minimizing the amount of oozing oils on your face.     


    Curd, rich in a wide variety of organic compounds such as vitamin D, proteins, calcium, zinc, and lactic acid, can be applied on to skin and face directly. It has natural skin tightening and whitening properties.


    Know as the miracle fruit, Lemon brings out a shinning skin tone by subsiding unevenness in your skin and reducing dark circles.


    Coconut water comes laced with dual properties of improving your skin condition. When you drink coconut, its water restores important electrolytes in your body, which boosts your energy levels. An energetic and radiant look on ones face can improve your partner’s libido in no time. Secondly, splashing and cleaning your face with the water, brings in a fairer skin tone on your face and helps you look refreshed.     

    Essential Oils to lighten up your skin and mood

    The essential oils are naturally occurring hydrophobic liquids extracted from a plant source and primarily possess multiple therapeutic properties. Most of the essential oils are used in the cosmetic industry in the preparation of creams and lotions. These same oils have been used since decades to improve skin tone and fairness.

    Carrot seed oil – Applying the oil on a regular basis smoothens the skin as well as assists in regeneration of skin cells, which helps in covering up the dry skin. The oil is also rich in antioxidant, which neutralizes wrinkles and dark spots caused due to free radicals in the pollution.

    Rose hip oil – The oil is extracted from a species of rose, which is primarily used for facial skin care. The best quality rosehip seed oil is rich in vitamins such as C, E, and A, as well as fatty acids, which have different impact on your skin based on their therapeutic properties. Vitamin C, due to its antioxidant properties, penetrates the skin and reduces wrinkle and dark lines. Fatty acids and vitamin A improve skin texture and pigmentation and protect your skin from free radicals. There are many rosehip oils in the market, such as Radha Beauty offers organic rosehip oil.

    Lavender oil – Basically used for multiple commercial and household purposes, Lavender oil possesses properties that relax your skin and mind. The oil smoothens the skin, reduces scars and acne, and can be applied on different types of skins, alike.                

    Cautions for your beauty regimes

    Every individual’s skin is different and unique. It takes focused commitment, hard work, and patience to get expected results to improve your fairness, self-esteem and love life.

    Avoid carcinogenic products and avoid mixing chemically-laden cosmetic creams and gels with naturally prepared remedies. Often, this may lead to adverse reactions and would completely damage your skin.  

    Homemade and do-it-yourself (DIY) remedies are to be carried out after proper research. In cases of skin damage, hyper pigmentation, or when in doubt, always consult an expert, such as a Dermatologist.