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Natural Spices from All Over the World

    One of the areas in our kitchen that needs to be well-stocked, is the spice area. There are many different types of spices and spice blends with their unique flavours, aromas, taste, and characteristics. Natural spices and herbs are also known to have several medical benefits even before their culinary uses.

    Difference between Spices and Herbs

    Spices are derived from the seeds, bark, or roots of a plant while herbs are the fresh parts of plants such as leaves. Herbs could be used as fresh or dried but spices are always dried. Both herbs and spices complement each other when it comes to adding flavour to any food. 

    5 Best Spices from all over the World

    Find the natural spices from all over the world that every kitchen needs with some undeniable facts to consider.

    1. Chinantla Vanilla (Mexico)

    Chinantla Vanilla commonly known as colibrí, grows in the heart of the forest in the Mexican region of Chinantla, in the form of orchid vines. After collecting, vanilla beans are traditionally sealed in bags and exposed to the sun for 15 days but only 5 hours a day.

    This results in tender, coffee colour, fragrant berry-like spices. Earlier in the 19th century, it wasn’t used for cooking purposes but women used to mix it with mamey seed oil to make their hair shiny.

    2. Kalocsai Fűszerpaprika-Őrlemény (Hungary)

    It’s a unique Paprika spice that is made by grinding the dried pods of silky deep red pepper plants under strict quality measures. In contrast to the roasted seeds, its aroma is spicy and pleasant with a sweet and fruity taste. This ground Paprika is used in a variety of cuisines and also for marination.

    The higher the capsaicin content in the peppers, the hotter the ground paprika will be. Capsaicin has anti-inflammatory properties which make it good for the heart. It also increases metabolism and could be used to relieve the pain.

    3. Ceylon Cinnamon (Sri Lanka)

    Ceylon Cinnamon is collected from a native tree named Ceylon in Sri Lanka. This special spice is differentiated from the other cinnamon for being sweater and delicate. It contains antioxidants named proanthocyanidins and has helpful effects on glucose metabolism and body weight.

    In contrast to the common cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon doesn’t contain coumarin, which is a natural plant chemical and is toxic to the kidney and liver.

    4. Pimentón de la Vera (Spain)

    Pimentón de la Vera is the smoked Paprika solely produced in La Vera, Spain since the 16th century. This is prepared by grinding the finest dried red peppers into a spicy and smoky yet fragrant powder from oak wood. Hence, it has a vibrant red colour and intense flavorful aroma.

    5. Garam Masala (India)

    Garam masala is a spice blend that is considered to be the finest thing on your kitchen counter. It is a blend of several aromatic ground spices which include cumin, coriander, black cardamom, cinnamon, clove, bay leaf, black pepper, and fennel seed. As it is depicted from its name, Hot Ingredients, it is considered to heat the body from its spices.

    This spice blend was originated from Northern India and has several combinations around the region. Every spice in this blend imparts different medical properties and therefore, is commonly used to make broths to treat cough and cold.


    Spices can improve and broaden your lifestyle and culinary experience. They could be a healthy and satisfying addition to your life because they help to increase endorphins and dopamine (feel-good chemicals) in the body. This is the reason, spicy foods help to lift up your mood and are considered to be good for mental wellness. You can find a wide offer in many online stores, for example Camelēr Spice Cº.

    It’s good to add more flavours to your spice collection from time to time. It intensifies the taste and enhances the profile of everything you cook.