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Natural ways to beat erectile dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction can occur at any time, but as you age, the flame seems to dwindle due to varied reasons, for the most part, medication and an unhealthy lifestyle. You can, however, still enjoy sex in your prime if you seek treatment early enough when ED happens. 


    Seventy-five percent of men suffer from ED due to various chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and prostate surgeries or treatments. On rare occasions, it may be a side effect of the medication you are currently taking. Some common symptoms with impotence in men include:

    • Reduced libido
    • Difficulty in getting an erection
    • Trouble maintaining an erection
    • Stress
    • Depression
    • Insomnia


    The best natural methods to evade this condition is to eat right (organic foods), exercise at least once a day, and stay away from excessive alcohol and smoking.


    The following tips will help you eliminate ED for a better sex life.


    A Healthy Diet

    Incorporate organic foods into your diet to reduce ED. Eat foods rich in Vitamins (fruits and vegetables), minerals, organic grains, with small portions of red meat.


    Maintain a good physical shape, and body weight, with recommended 32-inch waist to avoid obesity and diabetes.


    Adequate Sleep

    Poor sleeping patterns contribute majorly to ED. Testosterone levels rise with quality sleep. That’s why you need to maintain the correlation between the level of sex hormones like testosterone, sexual function, and sleep. Testosterone increases with quality sleep because steady sleep patterns help the body to release positive hormones.


    Quit Smoking

    If you suffer from ED and still smoke, you are in the red for a dull deflated sex life. Prevent vascular complications such as restricted blood supply to the penis due to narrowed blood vessels. Smoking causes narrowing of the arteries leading to ED.


    Stop Drinking Alcohol

    Alcohol is a depressant; it depresses the central nervous system causing mild or severe ED. The CNS releases nitric oxide, a crucial chemical for maintaining an erection. Heavy consumption of alcohol interferes with the CNS, causing the penis to deflate quickly or not rise to the occasion at all.


    Vascular Veins

    Lifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, can all damage your heart arteries, causing a heart attack, or a stroke in the brain, and lead to ED in the penis.


    Another primary concern is an expanding waistline, which significantly affects your sex life as you age. Seek medical advice to find out whether your vascular system is in perfect health, or it requires a change in diet regimen and, if necessary, treatment.


    You can also manage ED by exercising regularly or lose weight altogether.


    According to research findings published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2014, it is possible to reverse ED naturally with eating right, exercising, and quality sleep.


    On the downside, specific prescribed medication also causes erectile dysfunction as a side effect. Some of the medications interfering with your manhood include; antidepressants, heart condition meds, high blood pressure meds, diuretics, cholesterol medication, antipsychotic drugs, and chemotherapy, among others. If you notice any symptoms, as mentioned in this article, consult with your doctor for immediate medical attention. On a positive note, you can get ED treatment and medication to cure your erectile dysfunction and continue enjoying healthy sex life. Just make sure you use a trusted online pharmacy such as Genericshop24 who have been in the market place for many years.