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Navigating End of Life with a Hospice Care Team

    It doesn’t matter whether the end of life comes suddenly, unexpectedly, prematurely or not. Working through this time of life with a loved one is extremely difficult. It can cause a strain and divide on family relationships. It wreaks havoc on your emotions, can increase stress, decrease physical health, and be a financial burden. 

    Most of us do not know exactly what steps need to be taken during this time, and often do not have the energy or desire to worry about that. Idaho Falls hospice care allows you to focus on the time you have left with your loved one, and gives you much needed support during this difficult time. 

    How Hospice Can Help

    Hospice Care is designed specifically to help those who are terminally ill and their close loved ones. Deciding when to transfer to hospice can be tricky. Choosing to transition into hospice care means that no lifesaving or life extending measures are being taken. Hospice care is about making you or your loved one comfortable during the last days and allowing you to get the most quality time with the sick person as possible. Hospice care teams also have a lot of experience in this stage of life, and can help direct you in next steps. 

    Choosing the Right Hospice Provider

    Not all hospice providers offer the same things. The most basic hospice care only requires a doctor. Much of what you will need as far as hospice care will depend on where the hospice care is being provided. If your loved one is in a hospital, things like a nursing staff or social worker will be less important because the hospital should already have that staffing taken care of. If your loved one is receiving hospice services anywhere besides a hospital, you will want the most detailed and specific team that you can find. 

    What Services Should Hospice Provide

    Hospice care will provide their own doctors. Hospice staff are trained specifically for end of life palliative care. Doctors know which medications to give or not to give, what measures to take to make your loved one comfortable without extending their life at all. Hospice staff should never persuade you or your loved one to seek more aggressive care. 

    Common hospice services include:

    • Doctors
    • Nursing staff
    • Nursing assistants
    • Social workers
    • Counseling
    • Spiritual Coordinator
    • Financial Counselors
    • Dietitians
    • Medical equipment
    • Medication management

    Idaho Falls Hospice Care

    Idaho Falls hospice care provides a service oriented staff that is passionate about serving those in the last days and moments of life. They know how to guide and comfort grieving family members. They have the utmost respect for the decision of palliative care. Idaho Falls hospice care staff also knows how to make you and your loved one the most comfortable and at peace to help you enjoy the end of life phase. In addition, Idaho Falls hospice care offers bereavement or respite care to those providing end of life care to their own loved ones. 

    Contact your local hospice care providers to see what they include, meet the staff, ask questions, etc. This is a sacred, but trying time for you and your family, so the decision of which hospice care to choose should not be taken lightly.