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neck and shoulder pain exercises

    Our neck and shoulders have a complex formation. They have muscle, veins, nerves, ligaments, and supporting body parts. Paining in neck and shoulder is common these days. Because most people are working sitting on their desks for a long time.


    There can be many reasons for simultaneous pain in the neck and shoulder. No matter what are the causes, at some point, it will become unbearable. Thanks to neck and shoulder pain exercises. These can help reduce the pain. If you have the same problem, don’t miss out. Let’s see some neck and shoulder massager and pain exercises. Try these moves and get relieved from neck and shoulder pain.


    Across the chest stretch


    It will help you to improve your flexibility or your shoulder. You have to lower your arm when you start doing this exercise. Put your left hand tightly on the crease of your right elbow. Keep it like that for more than one minute. Do the same changing hands. Do it repeatedly for 4-5 times. 


    Neck release


    If you want to release the tightness of your shoulder, this exercise is best. It does the job gently. Just bow your head toward your chest. Then make an angle of your head toward the right and left side. It will stretch both sides of the shoulder. Do it for 1 minute at a time. Repeat several times. 


    Chest expansion


    It will give elasticity to your shoulder and chest. You can use you both hands to do it. Hold your one side with another behind the back of your body. Now straighten it backward firmly. Look upward. Or you can use an exercise band, strap. Hold the exercise band and stretch it for 30 seconds. Keep your chin skyward. 


    Seated twist


    It will stretch both your shoulder and neck at the same time. Sit on a chair and keep your ankles straight under knees. Twist your body toward the right side then bring the left hand back to the thigh. Stay like this for at least 30 sec. The repeat the same in the opposite direction. Do it three to four times.    


    Shoulder circle


    Some shoulder pain occurs in the joints of the shoulder. In that case, you have to do some exercise focusing on warming up the ledge to increase the flexibility of joints? To do this, just lift the shoulders to air, then roll back and down. Do it again and again. It will mobilize the shoulder joints. Repeat it for more than 10 times. 


    Downward dog pose


    It is a challenging pose as it includes many components. To get it right, you have to practice a lot. At first, put your hands on the ground. Spread your fingertips wide apart as much as you can.


    It will give you strength and grip. In this pose, you have to make sure a nice straight angle from the flat part of your hands up to your tailbone. Then press your heel toward the earth. Make sure there is energy moving from the tailbone to the heel. This exercise activates the latissimus dorsi muscle. 


    Child’s pose


    Take your position on all four tabletop position pressing up and out of the foundation extending to the crown of the head. Take a stacked place and move your hands forward. Bring your two toes together.


    Widen your knees and inhale, taking your head forward. Then exhale going backward and let you back touch your heels. Keep your hands extended. Breathe slowly. It is the most effective neck and shoulder pain exercises.


    Thread the needle


    This one is a little bit tough, but it has a significant impact. To do this, keep your heels, knees, and elbow on an alignment. Your elbow should be directly beneath your shoulder. Then push your hip up so that your legs and torso get in alignment. Stretch your upper hand straight up. Now exhale, then rotate your body towards the ground and reach your back. Inhale coming back out to the side.


    Postural correction


    get all the moves working correctly, you need to have a correct posture. It is considered as the gateway towards all the neck and shoulder pain exercises. It will help you to get the correct posture position. It keeps the spinal column in the right place to keep the blood circulation perfect. Thus it helps reduce neck and shoulder pain. 




    To heal your neck and shoulder pain, you need to follow these exercises at least six times a week. There are another neck and shoulder pain exercise, but the above mentioned are known for their direct effect on the body. By doing this exercise, you can improve overall health. While doing the practice, you need to be careful. Any wrong style can give you a long term pain. So, follow these with caution.