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NEURVANA HEALTH: Naturopathic Practitioner

    Why is Naturopathy different?

    Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is an alternative medical approach that deals with natural health by focusing on the body’s natural ability to heal and nurture itself. Naturopathic medicine uses minimal amounts of drugs and surgical procedures as the healing process begins from within and not by the use of prescribed medication. Natural medicine focuses on the key principle that nature is the greatest healer. Ailments are prevented by practicing stress reduction techniques that consist of following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Natural medicine focuses on “vital energy fields” found within the human body that evoke a natural healing process without the use of general scientific discourse, otherwise known as treatment from drugs, radiation, surgery, etc. A consultation usually begins by discussing the patient’s medical history, diet, lifestyle, emotional aspects, and physical features.

    Neurvana Health Naturopathic Clinic manages their patient’s health by closely monitoring their physical and mental activities regularly. Patients need to choose the practitioner they are comfortable with so that they can discuss their health and physical shortcomings without any hesitation. Find a practitioner who relates to you as a patient and a person.


    Methods used to practice Naturopathy
    If you want to try alternative health care products rather than traditional medicine, you might consider taking treatments in various methods that come under naturopathic medicine. The focus of Naturopathy is to implement self-healing techniques rather than use specific methods followed by prescription drugs. Practitioners use a wide variety of treatment modalities that are unique for each patient. These particular modalities utilized by naturopathic practitioners vary with training and experience. Some of them include acupuncture, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, botanical medicine, etc.


    Naturopathic Doctor

    NDs are primary healthcare professionals that specialize in preventative medicine and treating the whole person using a wide variety of natural medicines. They assume that the process of overcoming disease is identical to that of maintaining health. Therefore, the focus is on creating health and not exclusively the elimination of the disease. This is done by identifying and removing obstacles to health, teaching people how to stay healthy, and facilitating the body’s innate self-healing ability using a wide range of natural therapies. These may include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture, and Asian medicine, lifestyle counseling, physical medicine, and homeopathy.


    What can I expect when I visit a naturopathic doctor?

    Naturopathic medicine is about becoming an active participant in your health. You will then be asked further questions to help the ND fully understand all of the factors influencing your life. Also, relevant physical examination and lab tests may be performed to help formulate the treatment plan.


    The first visit lasts 75-90 minutes. This also includes about 3 hours of research after the visit by the naturopathic doctor to formulate your treatment protocol. The protocol will be discussed on your second visit. Subsequent visits last about 30 minutes. The number and frequency of visits will depend on how long you have had a condition and its severity.


    Conditions naturopathic doctors treat or support?
    All conditions can benefit from naturopathic care. Health is an ongoing process however, and patients usually see a medical doctor only when they feel unwell. Naturopathic doctors will help you improve your current and future health status by moving towards optimum wellness. Some common conditions include:


    AllergiesAnxiety and DepressionArthritis and Joint PainAsthmaAttention deficit disorderBack painCancer and integrated careCardiovascular diseaseChronic fatigue syndromeColds and fluDetoxification / cleansingDiabetesDigestive problemsFibromyalgiaHeadaches and migrainesInfertility and impotenceInsomniaLack of energy or motivationMenopauseOsteoporosisProstate healthPMSPregnancy preparation and healthRapid agingSkin conditionsSports injuries and athletic improvementWeight ManagementWomen’s health


    What is naturopathic corporate wellness?

    It is a healthcare program that is designed specifically for your organization to maximize health, vitality, and productivity. Naturopathic medicine is the ideal system for corporate wellness because it focuses on preventative medicine using natural remedies and healthy lifestyles to balance a person’s body, mind, and spirit.


    How can you benefit from corporate wellness?

    The benefits realized from corporate wellness are far-reaching. Employees will have improved health, greater mental focus, increased productivity and boosted morale. Concurrently, employers benefit from increased profits, decreased drug plan and insurance costs, decreased absenteeism, and staff loyalty.


    Programs Offered

    • On-site comprehensive health evaluations at no additional cost.
    • Wellness programs that include:

    Stress management—Decreasing fatigue—Smoking cessation—Weight management—Heart health—Controlling diabetes—Improving sleep

    • Seminars on topics of interest for small or large groups.
    • State-of-the-art nutritional analysis.