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NFO Vitamins – The best premium organic dietary supplement manufacturer

    In modern life, people’s needs have gone far beyond the bare minimum of bundling up properly or well-dressing, but increasingly towards perfection, to live a long, healthy life and enjoy life to the fullest. Dietary supplements have also become popular as a result and are being added to most people’s diets to subsidize the nutrients they need for holistic and sustainable growth. However, finding a trusted brand among the multitude of supplements available on the market is not an easy task. A manufacturer with a high level of expertise in nutrition and biochemistry with a wide range of high-quality products that cater to all kinds of needs are factors that are of primary concern to consumers. Here, one such supplier is considered and reviewed – NFO vitamins – with specific criteria of expertise, most popular products, and reasons customers choose them. Scroll down for details.

    Who is NFO vitamins?

    The name NFO is no longer strange to consumers of functional foods because it is the leading manufacturer in the European market. Since 1987, this brand has appeared and increasingly dominates the market thanks to its high expertise, premium-quality products produced on high-tech lines, and strict quality control standards. The worldwide customer base from more than 50 countries shows the popularity and level of trust that the company has gained throughout its life in the industry, manufacturing and supplying products.

    Headquartered in Norway, a country with abundant natural resources and the world’s cleanest waters in the North Atlantic Ocean, NFO vitamins puts wild-caught raw materials of the highest quality into creating a line of organic dietary supplements with the best quality that is popular all over the world.

    High-grade functional foods NFO vitamins provide

    Dedicated to improving health, bringing harmony, energy, and attractiveness to all ages, the brand develops products containing Omega-3 (PUFA) from fish oil and plant-based vitamins – minerals. Thanks to their biological properties, the products are suitable for all audiences and specific goals, from promoting health to beauty. Let’s review the two product lines by composition and some of the most prominent products below:

    Omega-3 PUFA products

    1.       Description and composition;

    NFO’s Omega-3 PUFA functional foods are designed in soft gel capsule form and extracted from natural fish oil and shark liver from the Atlantic Ocean with the highest concentration of EPA and DHA, providing exceptional health and beauty benefits.

    2.       Uses:

    Thanks to the great benefits of Omega-3 PUFA in promoting metabolism, cell regeneration, and easy absorption, NFO Vitamins Omega-3 PUFA functional food products can be used as supplements to:

    ·         Stimulate the development of height and brain for children

    ·         Increase concentration, reduce attention deficit and memory impairment at all ages.

    ·         Support the regulation of harmful cholesterol levels in the blood, balances blood pressure, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    ·         Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction

    ·         Strengthens the immune system, fights inflammation and the growth of cancer cells and tumors

    ·         User object: Suitable for all subjects of all ages

    Vitamin and mineral herbal extract products

    The top European’s brand natural plant-based vitamin and mineral supplements are available in wide varieties and are made in tablet form. This product line was developed with the aim of allowing users to supplement vitamins and minerals that are lacking in their usual diet.

    The composition of the products is completely natural, providing a large amount of vitamins A, C, D3, K1, E, and B2… and rare minerals such as Zinc, iron, macro fiber, magnesium… and a range of other beneficial bioactive complexes.

    These are indispensable substances for the body, with the effect of activating metabolic reactions as well as activating the defense functions against the invasion of harmful bacteria and diseases to the body, thereby improving overall health and keeping the body full of vitality and energy.

    Why choose NFO Vitamins?

    In the midst of fierce competition and a wide range of dietary supplements on the market, many people wonder why the brand is always trusted and chosen by customers. The answer is not too difficult to guess, and some of them are listed below:

    ·         The manufacturer has nearly 40 years of experience in the development and production of biologically derived functional foods. The experts team consists of scientists, nutritionists, chemists, herbalists, apothecaries, and a highly specialized quality management, ensuring the manufacturing process and product quality meet the highest demands of consumers.

    ·         NFO Vitamins uses the most natural organic ingredients from the world’s cleanest waters. The plants are located close to the harvesting facilities ensuring that the fresh ingredients retain their excellent natural properties. Thereby creating finished products with the highest purity, highest nutritional value, and quality.

    ·         The famous brand owns a production process with advanced processing technology and is subject to strict input and output quality control. All products are certified to ensure international standards ISO, GMP, HACCP, and licenses.

    ·         NFO Vitamins supplements are organic products, completely free of synthetic substances or genetically modified organisms, and absolutely safe for health.

    ·         The extensive product collection caters to all quality-of-life enhancement needs, from physical and mental health to beauty care, giving the end user total well-being and satisfaction.