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No More Stiffness: How to Release Your Neck Knots with Trigger Point Massage

    Do you suffer from chronic neck pain and tightness? Millions of Americans and people worldwide deal with the stiffness and cramping in their neck muscles. However, there are better options than taking aspirin or prodding and rubbing your muscles while simultaneously praying for the pain to subside so you can work or sleep.

    The good news is, some non-medicinal methods can provide relief for your muscle knots and neck pain, such as using trigger point massage. You may hear the word “massage” and think that you can’t afford it, but you can actually use this massage technique yourself at home either with your own hands or everyday household objects.

    Neck Muscles are Prone to Knots and Stiffness

    Your neck and its muscles are particularly prone to knots and stiffness. These areas of tense muscle fibers are called a trigger point, and they can contract and tighten even if you aren’t actively moving your muscles. This is all because of a nerve that’s placed over a muscle fiber, which then gives your nervous system a message that sends a chemical signal to your muscle, causing it to contract and tighten. If you’re experiencing severe and debilitating neck pain, you may need physical therapy, but massage and stretching are perfect if you only need mild to moderate pain relief.

    Common places for lumps and knots are at the side and back of your neck and base of your skull. Every day, the activities you do contribute to your neck pain, including things like driving, texting, typing on a computer, living a sedentary lifestyle, or emotional distress. However, the trigger point massage technique offers an excellent way to self-treat your neck pain and muscle knots. Whether you feel lumps, a knot, tenderness, sharp pain, stabbing pain, dull pain, or an ache in your neck or shoulders, trigger point massage could be the relief you’re looking for.

    How to Use Trigger Point Massage Properly

    You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on private appointments to get a great trigger point massage. However, be sure always to take care and be gentle when using the trigger point technique. Your neck and spine are fragile, so treat them with care.

    The first step to trigger point massage is to find the lumps and knots in your neck that need attention. Hold firm pressure using your thumb, finger, or elbow for a minimum of 30 seconds on the area of tension. Maintain the pressure until you start to feel the pain go away. You may feel some sharp pain when you first begin to press, but it will gradually decrease, making way for considerable relief. It may feel terrific, but that doesn’t mean you should overdo it. You could overwork your muscle, making the pain worse. Just be wary of the amount of time you’re pressing and how much strength you’re using. If you can’t reach the spot with your hands, try gently rolling a golf ball or tennis ball on the area instead.

    Try Trigger Point Massage for Your Neck Pain and “Knotty” Muscles

    Trigger point massage is one of the oldest techniques for relieving neck pain. Most neck pain is caused by your muscles tightening and contracting even when you’re not actively moving them. Then, the muscle fibers bunch up, causing that awful pain feeling and lumps or knots. However, trigger point massage can be used to treat neck pain and stiffness effectively. You can also do it yourself, making it the perfect non-medicinal method for relieving any muscle knots you may have. Try trigger point massage today to help with your chronic neck pain.