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Obtain Accurate Diagnosis for Heart Conditions With Stress Testing

    Vascular issues can have deadly results if not given the right attention. In the past, poor diagnostic methods meant that you only received treatment significantly later when your heart issue has advanced. However, recent improvements in stress tests have increased the success rate of diagnosis and treatments of heart issues. If you are looking to discover the reason behind your chest pain or irregular heartbeat, it may be advisable to go for stress testing in Covington

    Stress testing 101

    Stress testing determines your heart’s response to physical activity. The Louisiana Heart and Vascular Institute team recommends stress testing due to its accuracy and ability to detect unnoticed issues with ordinary heart tests. Dr. Aduli may perform a stress test if you have symptoms of coronary artery disease or arrhythmia. A stress test may also help detect underlying medical conditions if you have the following symptoms:

    ·                     Irregular heartbeat

    ·                     Unexplained chest pain

    ·                     Shortness of breath

    ·                     Rapid heartbeat

    What happens during a stress test?

    Dr. Aduli and his team at Louisiana Heart and Vascular perform two types of stress tests including:

    ·         Nuclear stress test

    Before conducting a nuclear stress test, Dr. Aduli may request you to lie still on the examination table. Dr. Aduli may then inject a radioactive dye through an IV inserted in your arm. After about 20 to 40 minutes, the team uses special cameras to monitor your heart’s vital functions while at rest. This technology may also help in areas with an inadequate supply of blood. Therefore, a nuclear test can help determine whether you have an underlying heart issue.

    ·         Exercise stress test

    For an exercise stress test, some electrode sensors connected to an electrocardiogram (ECG) are attached to your arms, legs, and chest. Dr. Aduli may require you to exercise on a treadmill while he monitors your heart rate on the electrocardiogram. You will also breathe into a tube to determine if your breathing has all the characteristics of a normal heart rate. During this test, it is paramount to inform Dr. Aduli of any discomforts.

    How should you prepare for stress testing?

    Dr. Aduli may give you instructions on how to prepare yourself before the stress test. However, before the test, you should avoid any drinks and have an empty stomach to have the procedure be more successful. As a rule of thumb, you should also have fitting shoes and clothes suitable for running. After the procedure, Dr. Aduli analyzes your results and decides whether you require further analysis. Stress tests also help pick the right medications for you. Following your doctor’s advice, you can have stress tests that help design a treatment plan.

    Heart issues manifest themselves secretly until they reach advanced stages where they have a higher chance of taking you down. You can avoid that with a stress test that checks your vital signs and determines the right treatment plan for you. Begin your journey to better heart health by reaching Dr. Aduli through a phone call or book your spot online.