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Obvious Advantages of Moving Back to Parents after College

    Whether you attended college or university in a different city or country or with your mom and dad close by, the idea of getting back to your home-sweet-home is frowned upon more often than not. After all, college is the time to spread your wings and explore life, right? Well, not necessarily.

    The reality is that taking your first steps in adulthood in a familiar place can actually be quite advantageous for your future career, well-being and social life. Let’s check some good reasons why:


    #1 You’ll grow your money & easily find your first apartment

    If you decide to move back to your parents’ place, you’ll get a chance to save your money for an apartment you truly like. If you don’t think that living with mom and dad is an option, finding an apartment in the city that you know like the back of your hand would be easier than wondering in an unfamiliar city.


    #2 Having built-in support is good for your emotional well being

    As you come back to the place where you grew up, it is likely that many of your old friends will still be there. They will be there to provide you with the necessary support and a helping hand as you’re beginning your first steps in adulthood. One of the toughest aspects of starting your life in a new city is the struggle to meet people, so by having real friends to meet up on Saturday night, you will feel less stressed and be able to concentrate on your job. What is more, having family close by can be advantageous for your emotional state as well. Besides, it’s good not to have to worry about how you’re going to pay for the flights home for Christmas or summer.


    #3 Cuddling with your pets

    Well, this is so sweet. When you’re away from home in college, you definitely miss your dogs, cats, and other pets. One more excellent advantage of returning home after graduation is that you have an opportunity to play with your pets whenever you feel like. If you have a hard day at work, you can always play Frisbee with the dog and feel relieved. If you’re bored, you can pet a dog. Living with God’s furry creatures is another superb benefit of moving back to mom and dad.


    #4 Your career plans fit the job market in your city

    If you were lucky to be born in a major city like London, New York or Berlin, it might be the right decision to move back home at least for a little while. Depending on your realm of expertise, you may find that it has a strong presence in your home city. You can benefit from the networking opportunities with friends and acquaintances that you have in your city to meet someone who will help you succeed in your career.


    #5 You have a comfort level with your place, which reduces anxiety and stress

    This sounds quite obvious, but knowing your way around may be the most beneficial thing about living in your home city after graduation. Knowing every single street in your surroundings immediately reduces some of the stress that may be caused by adulthood. This, in turn, can boost your confidence as well.


    When you’re in college, it takes time to get used to the new place. Somehow, you have to balance your schedule, part-time job, find the most reliable websites to buy college essays online, get ready for a date, do laundry, and so on. And when you finally feel truly comfortable around other people, it’s time to move on up to the next stage in life! When you move to a different city, the adjustment period starts all over again. Yet when you take that unfamiliarity out of the equation, the only big thing that will require adjusting will be your job, which will boost your focus and keep you away from the distractions thanks to “been there, done that” mode.


    Opening a new page in post-graduation life is challenging for every former student, regardless of where he or she decides to stay. By making a choice to move back to your parents’ home for a little or long while, what you do is actually setting yourself up for career success, which is inspiring.