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Occupational Therapy in NJ Spine and Wellness

    Occupational therapy helps you gain independence by maximizing your quality of life through the use of daily activities. Suppose you got an injury, illness, disability, or pain. In that case, occupational therapy teaches you various ways of adapting on how to perform your everyday tasks without being interfered with by the above factors. An Occupational therapist in Old Bridge helps in improving your performance at your job, home, and school. In addition, the facility also offers physical therapy and chiropractic treatments to help in the rehabilitation process.

    Helping people recover from a stroke or injury to regain their skills back are commonly practiced interventions. Similarly, specialists in the facility also provide support to the old who are experiencing cognitive and physical changes and help children living with disabilities participate in activities.

    Conditions that occupational therapy can help with:

    Neurological conditions

    Parkinson’s, stroke, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury are some of the neurological conditions that specialists focus on. They also train patients with multiple sclerosis on a range of motion, strengthening, and visual perception. The main goal is to enable patients to develop independence in performing their daily tasks.

    Hand injuries

    Common hand injuries that the therapist can help you in are tendonitis, arthritis, trigger finger, finger fractures, carpal tunnel, Dupuytren’s contracture, medial/ lateral epicondylitis, and distal radius fracture.

    Upper extremity splinting

    For patients with conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or those with an injury may require a splint. A splint is a device used to immobilize, support, and protect the hand or arm. Experts play an important role in making custom splints for patients when need be or use pre-fabricated splints.

    Development delay

    The specialists help improve cognitive, motor, processing, sensory, playing, and communication skills in children with developmental delays. Minimizing the potential for developmental delays and enhancing development is the major goal of this therapy. Experts also help families meet the special needs of their toddlers and infants.

    Spinal cord injury

    The role of a specialist in patients with spinal cord injury is to help patients gain independence, reduce barriers, and facilitate rehabilitation. However, rehabilitation for spinal injury varies from one patient to another.

    Functional rehabilitation

    The health care provider assesses areas of functional difficulty to help you with rehabilitation. They also use a customized treatment plan to ensure that patients are independent in their day to day life.

    What to expect during your occupational therapy visit?

    The health care team in the facility begins with a consultation to learn and understand your background and goals. They then come up with a customized treatment plan to help you meet your individual needs. Additionally, your progress is also tracked to ensure you are getting desirable outcomes, and your goals are being met.

    Suppose you, your child, or someone close to you requires occupational therapy. Call or visit NJ Spine and Wellness offices today for more information. Additional services also offered in the facility will also be explained to you in detail. For patients with neurological conditions, spinal injury, developmental delays, hand injuries, upper extremity splinting, and those in need of functional rehabilitation can also visit the facility for effective treatment to regain their independence in carrying out their daily duties.