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Older Men, Beware! Common Age-Related Health Concerns

    Men often consider themselves to be invincible when they are young. But things change as you grow older as there could a nagging pain in the back, rising blood pressure or a condition you may have never heard of. While some could be genetic, others may happen out of the blue. Awareness is key because it enables timely diagnosis and treatment. Hence, knowing more about the diseases and conditions that you are likely to encounter as you age makes sense. It helps you be more vigilant and seek help as quickly as possible. Here are the common age-related health concerns that older men should be wary about.

    Heart disease

    If you have a family history of heart disease or risk factors such as high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, you must get help sooner rather than later. The early 40s is the best time to get a complete checkup for these issues. Your doctor will keep track of blood pressure and cholesterol levels and recommend medications to lower them if needed. A daily aspirin might help to keep the condition in control. The doctor will probably recommend a cardiac stress test if they suspect impending heart disease.


    Another condition that you should be watchful about is diabetes. Millions of Americans suffer from prediabetes, the precursor to type 2 diabetes, without even knowing. The condition is characterized by elevated blood sugar and should be considered seriously. Chronic Type 2 diabetes is linked with problems such as heart disease, stroke, vision loss, and kidney failure. If you have prediabetes, switching to a healthier diet and an active lifestyle at a young age can help. These measures not only normalize your blood sugar but also stave off diabetes in the long run.

    Prostate enlargement 

    Benign prostate hypertrophy or prostate enlargement is one of the most common problems that aging men face. If you have urinary symptoms such as incomplete emptying of the bladder, a slower stream, urgency, or high frequency, you must consult a physician. Consider starting a supplement like ProstaGenix because it can resolve prostate issues to a considerable extent and help alleviate the symptoms so that you can live a normal life. The more serious concern is prostate cancer, which is a high risk if you have a family history. 

    Erectile dysfunction

    Common in diabetics and those who have had a prostate removal surgery, Erectile Dysfunction is an issue that a large number of seniors come across. The main reason to worry about the condition is that it signifies a higher risk of stroke or heart attack. Hence, it is important to discuss the problem at the earliest with your doctor because it can help in the timely detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease as well.


    A majority of older males struggle to manage their weight and end up having a mid-age potbelly. The biggest problem with obesity is that it aggravates the possibility of serious conditions like type 2 diabetes and arthritis. However, you can easily counter it by embracing the right diet and portion sizes. Regular exercise also boosts your metabolism and helps with effective weight management.

    Being extra watchful about these conditions helps as so does availing timely medical help. Effective treatment enables you to be healthy and fit and can actually prolong your life.