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One Exercise that works the whole body

    get more out of your workout

    get more out of your workout

    Sounds too good to be true? Just one exercise that targets virtually every muscle in the body? However, it’s true! Once you try this exercise you will be amazed at its effectiveness and broad-spectrum effect.

    This technique comes from ElasticSteel’s ZejaX system. It is called ZUS or ZejaX Unilateral Squat.

    The exercise requires a pole. In the formal setting, a Zejax bar is used. However you can try this at home with any pole, that is strong enough to support this exercise.

    This exercise resembles a squat. A regular bodyweight squat works virtually every muscle in the lower body, except for the hip flexors and adductors. ZUS targets every muscle, even the two groups just mentioned.

    At the same time, the arm assistance hits every upper body muscle.

    This video shows how to do the exercise.

    And this video shows a more advanced version of ZUS.

    And here you can all the muscles that work when performing ZUS.

    In short, the standing leg uses all the pushing muscles.

    Glutes, Adductors, and Hamstrings to extend the hip.

    Quadriceps to Extend the Knee

    Calve to Plantar Flex.

    Other Lower Leg Muscles are used to stabilize.

    The hip flexors and adductors on the lifted legwork to keep the leg up.

    The Pushing arm utilizes the chest, triceps, and shoulders.

    While the pulling arms use back and biceps as well as a forearm.

    Meanwhile, core stabilizes all the forces between each arm and each leg.

    Here is an in-depth explanation of how to do the ZejaX Unilateral Squat.

    The Set Up:


    Use a Corner. The Corner will provide stability. In this set up the bottom end of the pole will not move.

    If you are doing this at home or any place where damage to the wall can cause a visual sore, place a large towel folded 8 times into the corner.

    Next place one of the of ZejaX or a pole where the floor and wall make contact.

    Make sure that the bar extends in between the wall, equal distance from both walls.

    Hold the Zejax on the right side of the body. Bring the left arm across the body and hold ZejaX palm up. The left arm is bent at the start of the movement.

    The right arm is holding the bar behind the body. Right elbow is straight.

    Stand firmly on the left leg. Lift the right leg. Keep the right knee straight.

    From here begin to bend the left leg and squat down.

    As you are squatting down the left arm begins to extend, while he right arm begins to bend.

    At the bottom of the ZejaX Unilateral Squat, the left arm is straight and right arm is bend.

    When coming up, press with the left leg, pull with the left arm and push with the right arm.

    The right leg is performing a squat. Left arm is rowing. Right arm is doing a dip. While the right leg is simply staying up.


    Use only a wall and a floor and not a corner. The movement is the same. There is a little bit less stabilization assistance. A yoga block placed next to a wall will protect the wall from damage. You can place a yoga mat on the floor if extra protection is needed.


    In an advanced variation, the wall is no longer utilized. More stabilization is needed to prevent the pole from sliding back. This stabilization comes from the arms, the core, as well as the legs.

    Post Advance Suggestions:

    Come back to the wall. If ZejaX is on your right side. Use only the left arm. (The Pulling Arm) The right arm should be simply by the side. This will work the pulling muscles a lot more. Stabilization will also be challenged to a great degree when only one arm is used.

    Do a few reps and you will be pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness.