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Organic Food and Healthy Eating: Why It’s So Important

    Today’s food industry has seen a change in the eating habits of people. More people are now drawn towards the trend of eating better and choosing healthier food options as well. By the looks of it, this trend is here to stay: consumers have now seen the importance of filling up your meals with healthier options. Here are some of them:


    1. Organic food options are fresher


    The term organic is equated with the absence of chemicals, which include preservatives. Because farms that sell organic produce do not inject their vegetables, fruits, and animals with preservatives, their products are fresher. Hence, by the time they harvest them, they immediately sell them or consume it for themselves. This is the typical scenario in the following:


    • Smaller farms
    • Personal backyard garden
    • Small businesses that offer delivery services, such as


    1. Organic food has lesser exposure to harmful chemicals


    The term “organic” refers to how food is grown and produced. As its name suggests, it relates to the more natural way of growing food, mainly making it free from the exposure to harmful chemicals. Some of these chemicals are:


    • Pesticides and insecticides
    • Antibiotics
    • Growth enhancers, steroids, and hormones


    These chemicals are often common in larger-scale farms, where making an income is the top priority. Hence, plant and animal produce have to be preserved or enhanced to grow faster. The negative thing about the application of too many chemicals, however, is that these bad contents stick and may stay on the plant and animals. Hence, by the time you purchase it, your body takes in these toxic chemicals as well. This is something you don’t need to worry about when eating organic foods.


    1. Organic food is better for the soil and the environment


    When you grow plant products naturally, you do not inflict harmful chemicals on the soil as well, or expose your soil to toxic processes. In this manner, you let the fruits and vegetables grow as naturally as possible without disrupting the natural ecosystem of the farm or area where you have these produce. Toxic chemicals not only kill plant pests, but it also harms the soil. This is why a lot of the larger farms also have to purchase and change their soil regularly. But this shouldn’t be the case. If you use natural fertilizers such as compost and waste, and till the ground often, your fruits and vegetables, beans or coffee sources will still grow well and are even healthier.


    1. Organic food still keeps the good bugs


    When plants are sprayed with too many chemicals and pesticides, bugs and pests are naturally killed. However, these pesticides do not distinguish bad bugs from good insects, so it tends to destroy the good bugs, too. Good insects, such as pollinators, for example, are necessary so that the natural ecosystem of the earth can function as it should. Good bugs and plants need each other to thrive, and it is not in your place to destroy all of them.


    1. Organic milk and animal by-products are more abundant in nutrients


    Animals should grow as naturally as possible, as this is how they were created to develop. Animals were not meant to be injected with so many chemicals just so they can grow faster or produce more milk. Because there is no disruption in the growth of animals such as poultry, pigs, and cows, their by-products are richer in nutrients. Milk from cows, for example, is richer in calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Ask yourself: Would you want to feed your family with milk and food that are poor in nutrients, or would you rather be sure that your children have all the nutrients that they need?


    1. Organic food farming allows for a healthier community


    The growing of food that is full of chemicals and pesticides harms not only the people who take in these food products, but even the community surrounding that farm. For example:


    • The air surrounding organic farms are fresher and free of toxins
    • The soil is healthier
    • The water is cleaner


    Farmers from organic farms also tend to live a healthier life, as they breathe in little to no toxic chemicals at all. Remember that exposure to these chemicals every day, through breathing them, can be hazardous to your lungs and your health in general.


    1. Organic food tastes better


    Organic food and animals are fresher; hence, they also taste better as well. The more that you expose food and animal products to chemicals, the more that the taste will be affected as well. Fruits and vegetables are tastier, and the meat from chickens, pigs, and cows are also more tender. The taste and flavor of food sources come from the richness of the nutrients that they possess, hence it vital that you have food that is as healthy as possible.




    Going organic and eating healthier has advantages that apply not just to you, but to the planet we live in as well. Making this significant change in your life is healthy for you, and sustainable to the earth. The fewer chemicals you allow yourself to ingest and use, the lesser is man’s exposure to these toxic products.