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Orthodontics Treatments in Mesa AZ

    Orthodontic treatments gently and slowly move the teeth to correct their placement in the mouth. Depending on the treatment designed by the orthodontist, the teeth can be moved individually or in blocks.

    Why perform the need for orthodontic treatment?

    •         Aesthetics: Orthodontic treatment can improve the appearance of the smile and provide safety and confidence in oneself. Orthodontics is a medical process that manages to correct crowding, achieving a healthy and beautiful smile.
    •         Health: Oral hygiene is much easier with well-aligned teeth. Orthodontics directly improves oral health: you will be able to brush better and thus you will have fewer problems of the gums, cavities and you will avoid the premature loss of dental pieces.
    •         Quality of life: After an orthodontic treatment, you will notice that it is easier and more comfortable to chew. You will also avoid the headaches that arise from the added stress in the muscles involved in chewing.
    •         Safety: All types of orthodontics are treatments that respect teeth as much as possible. They are made with fully biocompatible high-end materials, which are adapted to the specific needs of each patient.

    Types of Orthodontics

    There are many types of orthodontics, but they all have the same two objectives:

    •         Getting a good occlusion:Do you desire perfectly fit teeth especially when the mouth is closed? Good occlusion is necessary to ensure that.
    •         A correct alignment of the teeth:In this way, important aesthetic and functional benefits are obtained: a healthier and more beautiful mouth.

    Orthodontic treatments

    Orthodontic treatments are slightly different depending on the different types of braces, but in general, they all follow the same treatment processes. The stages and processes include:

    Preparation:The photographs of the patient’s mouth to perform an orthodontic study are taken and a little sample of mold in the cavity is also taken for study. This will allow planning the treatment and knowing the best course of action.

    Placement:After the consultation, brackets and arches are placed. The teeth are first conditioned to cement each bracket to the tooth. Once placed, the arc is inserted into the inside of the brackets.

    Follow-up reviews: A series of revisions will be scheduled, usually monthly, where the progress achieved will be verified. The placement of the brackets and arches will be modified, when necessary.

    End of treatment: When the alignment that was planned has been reached, the arches and brackets will be removed, and the adhesive cement will be removed by gentle cleaning.

    Placement of the retention device: To maintain the orthodontic result, a retention device is usually used. This can be fixed (through a metal wire on the back of the teeth) or removable, using a transparent splint that will be placed at night.

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