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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

    There are severe cases that can’t be treated in outpatient addiction treatment. Chronic addiction to substances such as heroin or oxycodone is typically best addressed in an inpatient addiction treatment program. This way, the rehab center will be able to manage symptoms of detoxification and withdrawal. However, a patient still struggling with mild substance abuse problem that’s still in its early stages can be addressed and successfully treated in an outpatient addiction treatment rehab center.

    This option is indeed a perfect choice for addicts who are willing to stop drug use but they don’t have the motivation to stop on their own. Not only that, outpatient addiction treatment is perfect for those individuals who don’t want to disrupt their daily life. In this case, they seek an addiction treatment program that will work best around their schedules.

    But First…What is Outpatient Rehab?

    Basically, outpatient rehab programs are specifically designed for those who want to break away from the bondage of addiction yet they want to maintain their normal life schedule. This means patients who opt for this program will have to go on scheduled treatment sessions during the week. Unlike inpatient treatment program, this program does not confine patients in one location. In other words, patients continue living in their personal residence and continue with their regular responsibilities. However, they are required to check into treatment at schedule time during the week for counseling and medication.

    Outpatient addiction treatment program comes in a wide range of formats and it differs in levels of intensity. More so, they offer a wide range of services but the primary focus is on counseling, medication and providing a network of support.

    Not everyone benefits from this type of treatment. As earlier stated it is specifically designed for patients who have a strong will to succeed in recovery. Not only that, it works best for individuals who are committed and dedicated to seeing it through.

    Types of Outpatient Addiction Treatment Rehab

    Outpatient rehab comes in different types and is categorized according to the substance abused, the severity of the addiction and recovery stage. The most popular types are listed below.

    Day Programs

    This type of outpatient program is considered to be one of the best. This is because patients get the highest level of care and the structure provided. In this kind of setting, patients will remain committed to meeting at least 5 days weekly at an outpatient facility for a few hours. During this time, clients will participate in various programs including group counseling, ongoing therapy and many more.

    Intensive Outpatient Programs

    This type of outpatient program creates a treatment plan with defined, measurable milestones in place to indicate progress. As a patient is able to meet the milestones the weekly meeting time decreases. If you’re committed and dedicated to abstain from drug use, but still want to maintain your normal daily routine, then an intensive outpatient program is the best option.

    Continuing Care

    These are ongoing support resources to help patients stay sober even after treatment. These groups are usually facilitated by a professional therapist and schedule a weekly meeting. However, some of these groups might either be age-specific or gender-specific, so look carefully.