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Paintball Clothing Tips

    We will gather the best Paintball clothing tips for every player that wants to start in this hilarious world.




    One of the first aspects that a good Paintball player should take care of is the outfit with which he must attend a battle. In the first place, the clothes must be comfortable and as breathable as possible, since the battles can last up to 3 hours and that is why we feel comfortable and light will make us develop more easily by the countryside.


    Choose the best clothes considering whether it is summer or winter. In paintball in general heat is passed because we do not stop moving, crouching, crawling, etc.


    In any case we always recommend you to bring spare clothes for later, and in summer we advise you to come and play in a swimsuit so that later you can cool off in our outdoor showers.


    Paintball Pants


    Paintball pants are also so important. Be careful while making order online. Be sure about the size so that it fits nicely as well as have some padding. Having enough padding, couple of extra pockets are good to have.




    Another important feature is the color of the clothes. It is convenient that the color of the clothes adapt as much as possible to the stage where the game is going to take place. That is why camouflage clothing is usually recommended since most of the Paintball fields are located in natural areas, with trees, and mountainous terrain, which will make it more difficult for the enemy to see us. A good camouflage gives us greater chances of success and survival during the activity.




    Footwear is another important point in terms of clothing that should be used. We always recommend sports shoes regardless of the type of terrain on which we go to play, and then we would be more specific depending on whether the battlefield is outdoor or indoor. 




    Finally there would be the protections you can use. Naturally, the most important and essential is the mask. In Paintball the serious accident that must be tried to avoid by all means is that a player receives an impact with the face exposed, since the consequences would be really important. A good lens will make our eyes protected from any shot in this area of ​​the face, although it is no less important that the mask covers ears, mouth and if possible the upper part of the head.


    Other protections that can be used are gloves, knee pads and elbow pads, all of them more expendable than the two previous elements that we have named but no less important since one gives thanks to having been able to dispose of them when it receives an impact on the area of ​​the hands, gonads, … or when traveling on the ground body to ground without suffering any pain in areas as sensitive as knees or elbows.




    We recommend wearing long sleeve (t-shirt or sweatshirt) to cover skin. You might want to wear dark clothing to hide better. Be sure to wear sturdy footwear to run around the playing fields. Full face protective mask as well.