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Perfect Prepping – 5 Tips To Get You Meal Prepping Like A Pro

    Have you started meal prepping yet? It’s a great way to save time during the week and keep eating plans on track. You can also save a ton of money by cooking in big batches. 


    If you’re still trying to get the hang of prepping, these five tips can help you get it done as efficiently and easily as possible:

    Use The Right Equipment

    You wouldn’t dig a hole with a spoon, would you? So don’t meal prep with equipment that doesn’t work efficiently to get the job done. Use the best quality cookware you can afford so that meal prep runs as smoothly as possible. 


    While you’re shopping, you should also invest in lots of tubs, jars, flasks and other equipment to store and transport your delicious creations once you have made them. Try to keep it eco-friendly where you can. There are so many cute reusables out there to keep your meal-prep pretty, and planet-friendly too. 

    Plan Your Meals

    Think carefully about how much you will be eating meals out with friends in the coming week. How many times you might hit the gym. Understanding what your week ahead entails lets you know how many meals to make, and the kind of meals to make.


    You can also plan to try a new salad dressing, or protein type, maybe even start that new vegan meal you’ve heard is amazing. Planning means you are prepared for meal prep, which seems over the top but actually, it’s a gateway to success. 

    Make Time

    There is a huge difference between saying you will meal prep at some point, and actually putting time aside to do it. Pick a time, it doesn’t have to be a Sunday, where you have space to prepare the food and clean everything up, and stick to that time no matter what. 

    Keep It Simple

    Keep your meals simple, especially when you’re getting started with meal prep. A carbohydrate, protein, veggie and sauce or fat are all you need. That can be as simple as rice, tofu, steamed broccoli and balsamic vinegar. The fewer components to the meal, the easier the meal will be to prepare. Even better, you could just make a one-pot meal with all the food groups in, imagine how easy that will be! 


    There really is no need to make anything fancy, although new recipes every now and again are a great way to get different nutrients into your diet. This video has a great selection of starter prepping recipes for you to try out if you’re short on ideas. 

    Start With Breakfast

    If the thought of prepping all meals and snacks is too overwhelming for you, then start with only doing breakfast. You will save so much time in the mornings prepping this way, and you’ll give yourself a fantastic start to each day too. If you are terrible for skipping breakfast, like 32 million Americans are, meal prepping this one meal could have a huge positive impact on your life. 


    This is especially true if you don’t eat very well, and struggle to get goodness in. If you have some healthy overnight oats, fruity pancakes and syrup or protein-packed sourdough rolls already made for you, there’s no getting away from those healthful meals! 


    The tips above can help you get started prepping your meals like a pro. With some creativity, dedication (and a little trial and error) you will soon be enjoying carefully prepared meals and better nutrition every single day.